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March 12, 2019

Slate Run Road Closure Update!

Tom Casilio has just sent us an update. Two items were changed from the last fact-sheet. One – the last ‘bullet’ point under the Bureau of Forestry Actions has been updated and states the following about construction bids (last item in image below) …


This is only a small portion of the fact sheet released on 3-12-2019. Except for the contacting the Tiadaghton State Forest office for updates and the last bullet above – the sheet is the same as last time.

… and two, if you want more information you are to contact the Tiadaghton State Forestry Office (instead of going to their website as shown on the 2-8-19 fact-sheet) for more information.

Thanks for the update Tom!

February 16, 2019
We’ve just rearranged some of the content here.

Please take note that the ‘Discussion’ page that was on its own site page has had it’s content distributed into either one of the Winter,  Spring, Summer or Fall blog pages or into the Fly Tying Blog.

Also, the stand alone site page (tab at the top of the Home page) “Photo Gallery” – is still here but has it’s own blog page titled “Photo Gallery”. So stories or posts that are  predominantly photographs will be there in the future. Entries with more a story behind them will be in the appropriate ‘Season’ blogs.

You can access these by clicking on “BLOG” from the home page and then scrolling down and clicking “Older Posts”. Keep doing this until you find the blog you want to view.

Update on the Slate Run Road closure!

February 11, 2019

As many of you know Slate Run Road, between Francis Road and Manor Fork Road, has been closed since some time in September of last year due to a landslide. With all the rain Slate Run has  gotten in the past 6 to 8 months, I’m not surprised that there hasn’t been many more landslides. Quite simply, the mountain just fell down the slope – down towards Manor Fork. This resulted in exceptionally unsafe conditions for travel along a  stretch that was about 725 feet long – between Francis and Manor Fork  Roads.

According to the Tiadaghton State Forest’s,  Tom Casilio, the Bureau of Facility Design and Construction was contacted and funding was requested in September. One and one-half (1.5) million dollars is in place to complete the project. A Design consultant/engineering firm was hired and have been working on this since the beginning of January. An initial site visit was done on January 3rd and core samples were drilled and completed on January 19th. A site survey was completed by February 5th.

Tiadaghton State Forest District staff is working on offering a guided tour of the site to be some time in the Spring. Contact the District office for more details (570-753-5409).



Above – map of section affected and pictures of shortly after it happened.

Here’s what the Tiadaghton State Forest has officially released regarding the closure. SlateRunRdClosureFactsheet_2-8-19-corrected

We all feel (locals and visitors) how much of a pain in the neck it is to have to either go the whole way up Francis road or to go the whole way down 414 to get onto 44 – to get over to the Black Forest area. It’s going to take a while to get this fixed. My  Father always said ‘Do it right the first time’ – and that certainly applies here.

So let’s have a little patience and let the process work its way through the path to getting this road properly corrected.