The Latest From Slate Run Sportsmen

January 14, 2021

Well, out with the old and in with the new eh? It’s a new year and time that this home page got updated. There isn’t much to post here currently, but, the SRS board will be addressing whether to hold the Spring membership meeting ‘in person’ or not real soon. Check back periodically for any updates (updates to be listed under the ‘Calendar’ tab here on the HOME page).

Snow bird/s ?

I know there’s been one heck of a snowstorm that hit central Pennsylvania and then the big rain – but there hasn’t been much since. Stay warm!

Summer Home

2 thoughts on “The Latest From Slate Run Sportsmen

    • Fine here Dale. I hope all are doing well also. I almost started to wonder if the comments on this site were working or not. They’ve pretty much shut down Michigan. We do have a legitimate need to travel today though, got to get a car serviced.Well, take care.


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