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April 25, 2019

Slate Run Maps Now Available Through Our Website!!!

Maps of Slate Run have been available for some time now. The small map size has been described as 15″ x 24″. I measured my small map and it actually measures 16 1/4″ x 24″. The large map is reportedly 30″ x 48″. I do not have one to measure so I can not verify if this is actually the case.

Slate Run Sportsmen are now offering them for sale through this website! We do have to charge a little more to cover the costs of the mailing tubes, postage and  the PayPal charges. Online through our website, the small map will be $30 and the large – $65.

Click on the “SRS Merchandise” tab and  this will take you to where you can order them. We are only accepting PayPal and Credit Card payments for purchases of the maps through the website at this time.

So if you’ve wanted to see where some of the named holes and notable locations along Slate Run are located, this could be your opportunity to find those spots and go fish them!



April 15, 2019

Looks Like There Is A Need…Wanted: Stream Warden

This post might be updated in the future as more detail comes to us.

SRS President, Joe Lemmon, just got a report that one of our members, Ron Stout, has walked a section of Slate Run and gathered 2 large garbage bags full of trash! This just reinforces that there is a need for Slate Run Sportsmen to have a Stream Warden. Like mentioned in a previous post here, the Stream Clean-Up has been one of the duties of the SRS Stream Warden. Ron’s action provides evidence that we should continue this activity. We just need someone to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and lead it. That probably would mean that they would organize this event – which would include setting a date, becoming the contact person for information, arranging any post clean-up ‘refreshments (if wanted), etc…

Evidence of trash along our namesake stream sure ‘looks like there is a need’ – for a Stream Warden from SRS to monitor this valuable resource. If you or you know anyone interested in fulfilling such duties for SRS – please contact us at

Thanks Ron, for taking it upon yourself to do something about the trash!

April 10,2019

At the SRS Spring Meeting …

Scaled-DSCF9582-83 Stitch Job-A1

Slate Run Sportsmen held their Spring meeting this past weekend at Hotel Manor in Slate Run. Eric Hussar and Tom Casilio talked with those in attendance about current issues. But first, SRS had some old and new business of which the details follow:

SRS needs a new Stream Warden. We thank Joe Cramer for having served as warden in the past – but he can no longer fulfill this job. The job has consisted of holding an annual stream ‘clean-up’ in the past. If the candidate wants to expand their duties they might consider periodic monitoring of the stream for trash or identifying other issues which would negatively impact Slate Run. Maybe you could even ‘work into the job description’ – to go fishing up Slate Run a few times a year  –  you know, just because it’s your job as Stream Warden to check on the stream. Tough assignment but somone’s gotta do it! If you might be interested in doing this task for SRS,  please email us at

Karen Fry, past Secretary of SRS,  has volunteered to help SRS ship Slate Run Maps sold  through this website! Both sizes will be available – the small is 16.25″ x 24″ and the large is 30″ x 48″. We’re working on figuring out just how to do this and will probably introduce a new page here on the website that will be titled ‘SRS Merchandise’. It should look similar to the current SRS Online page utilizing PayPal and credit card payments (through PP) as payment options. Keep your ‘eyes peeled’ for the new page and then you will be able to order the maps through this website. They will be a few dollars more than the price at Wolfe’s store in order to cover the costs of shipping.

Now on with Eric and Tom…

Eric talked about some bills coming to the State House floor this week regarding the PFBC being allowed to set fees and have more control over their revenue stream. I believe Eric said that the PFBC have been working on this for some time now. Eric told me  that he’s going to pass along a few links dealing with current issues he’d like us to  check out. As soon as he does this I’ll post them here in an update.

Tom mentioned that  he is hopeful that Slate Run road, which is closed due to the land slide down into Manor Fork, may be open by mid-Summer.  Tom mentioned that everything is seemingly falling into place to make this happen. Just keep in mind that if any ‘hiccups’ occur, then there may be more of a delay in its opening.

To get the latest word about the status of Slate Run Road, please contact the Tiadaghton State Forest Office to get an update at 570-753-5409.

Tom also mentioned that the Tiadaghton State Forest 2019 Management Activities have been defined and published on their website. Here’s a link to that page:

Scroll  down the page a bit till you see this part of  the page(below) and click on the link (bordered in the red box below).

Created with GIMP

There is a lot of good information packed into that PDF. Not all may apply to SRS but as you will see, the Tiadaghton State Forest ‘Guys and Gals’ are working hard to maximize this forest resource.