The Latest From Slate Run Sportsmen

April 12, 2021

Just a quick note folks, if you have a question about your SRS membership it is better to shoot us a quick email rather than leave a comment here at the website. Our email address is – While I usually check every couple of days for comments at the website, I check on email daily unless something turns up that prevents me.

Thanks everyone who has renewed their membership for the 2021-22 season. Just a gentle reminder to those who haven’t yet – please consider renewing.

UB – the SRS Membership and Website ‘Guy’ … and… An Unintentional Blogger

March 9, 2021

FIRST THINGS FIRST – If you leave feedback here with your email address contained in the feedback – then you need to check your email for a response from us. We’ve had a few folks in the past that leave feedback and express an interest in joining or renewing but don’t seem to check their email when I shoot off an email message to them regarding an SRS membership. I send an email and I never hear back (believe me if I had their phone number, I’d be calling them). So please, check your email (and respond to it) after you’ve left feedback here at the site. It will have further instructions on how we can establish communications. Thank you.

Wow, I haven’t updated this ‘Home Page’ for a while! Well, it’s high time. So I’ll post a few pictures and weave a message to those that visit the home page I guess.

Spring is springing up around us, yesterday it was just over 60 degrees Fahrenheit! Suppose to be similar today and the next day too! Lucky us! Well, it’ll get back to normal after that – that’s ok.

I’ve seen the Sandhill cranes in the back yard and they got really close to the house late yesterday afternoon. Must be spring eh?

But what I really want to communicate is that I’ll be sending out an email to those SRS members that have provided us an email address to remind them that it’s time to renew your SRS membership. I’ve hesitated about doing this as I know that the whole Covid-19 issue has affected many and I do not want this communication to feel like we’re strong-arming anyone. Having said this, we still need to exist as an organization.

I’ve learned more and more the longer I’ve been involved with Slate Run Sportsmen. What I’m coming to realize is that we are a ‘watch-dog’ group. We are ‘eyes and ears’ on Slate Run. Oh, please do not be offended because we’re not the only ones. There are several groups – Pine Creek Preservation Association, PA Environmental Defense Foundation, and even the PA Environmental Digest, just to mention a few, that actively oversee the area and are quite diligent when it comes to keeping an eye on things here. We all love these surroundings and want to make sure it will remain a pristine wilderness for future generations.

So, please, if you can, consider renewing or joining Slate Run Sportsmen! We keep a pretty keen eye on things and we support several local organizations with an annual monetary donation each year. We hold an annual clean-up of Slate Run and are planning on how we can increase further recruitment of like-minded people. Your membership allows us to keep supporting these organizations! If it wasn’t for you, we’d not exist.

We’re not trying to bleed a stone here. If you have fallen victim to the Covid-19 virus itself or lost your job, we don’t want to bother you with this frivolous request. You have more important issues to address. But if you can manage it, we’d like to have you renew or join our quest.

Take care everyone and as I say at the end of each blog post – till we see each other again…. I’m an Unintentional Blogger …. Aka UB

January 14, 2021

Well, out with the old and in with the new eh? It’s a new year and time that this home page got updated. There isn’t much to post here currently, but, the SRS board will be addressing whether to hold the Spring membership meeting ‘in person’ or not real soon. Check back periodically for any updates (updates to be listed under the ‘Calendar’ tab here on the HOME page).

Snow bird/s ?

I know there’s been one heck of a snowstorm that hit central Pennsylvania and then the big rain – but there hasn’t been much since. Stay warm!

Summer Home

2 thoughts on “The Latest From Slate Run Sportsmen

    • Fine here Dale. I hope all are doing well also. I almost started to wonder if the comments on this site were working or not. They’ve pretty much shut down Michigan. We do have a legitimate need to travel today though, got to get a car serviced.Well, take care.


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