Friday Night Flies – Pine Creek, June 5, 2020

Saw this specimen last evening.

Friday Night Fly – Exhibit A

The next two images are very similar displaying the ventral view (underside).

Lastly, a little more perspective or scale.

Friday Night Fly – Exhibit A – with reference scale.

My index finger segment is real close to 1 3/16″ (one and three sixteenths inches), from tip to fold line. The finger nail is very close to 9/16″ – about 14.5 mm. This fly was already laid out and drifting so I’m pretty sure I didn’t cause it any more damage than it had already experienced.

I’m merely reporting on one fly I managed to pick out of the water last evening. I know that I caught a few fish on the yellow spinner I’ve posted previously, but it did not work consistently all evening – just in spots. I didn’t have anything of this coloration last evening and will try to simulate it today when I tie.

Reporting from Slate Run… UB

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Flies – Pine Creek, June 5, 2020

    • Thank you for the update on Little Kettle! Just to be clear though, I did witness that bug on Pine and not in great numbers. As the days have passed this past week, I saw less and less Green Drake and Grey Fox. Also seem a size 16 yellow-ish fly that could be vaguely called a Sulphur I guess. The fly I’ve seen didn’t have-the dun wing. I hope the Slate Drakes start up in earnest soon. A fellow angler has had some success on BWOs also! Looks like he may have presented me with a few samples that I do not have pictures of yet – but let me tell you, if he tied them, he’s a really good tyer! A BWO Emerger and Floating Nymph! Hope to try them out real soon! …. UB
      edit add: p.s. I think the presenter of the gift of flies was the one the bear snuck up upon – yet to be confirmed


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