The View From Here

My friend took his fly rod for a walk up Cedar Saturday afternoon. He realized that the water was too warm and just hiked his way out. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon – maybe not what is expected, but we can modify our behavior if we want to protect the things that matter to us can’t we?

I rode the bike down to Little Slate this evening. I rode past the vehicle as it pulled into the parking just upstream from where it empties into Pine. I turned around not too far from the corner. When I got back to the mouth of Little Slate I heard someone down where it empties into Pine. I stopped to observe a young man, I’m guessing he was in his late twenties to mid-thirties. Trout were so staked up at the mouth so thick it wasn’t funny. They are struggling – is an understatement. The young man came up and we chatted a bit. He acknowledged that the trout were suffering and he hoped that people would just leave them alone so they wouldn’t be more stressed. It is that time of year and that kind of summer, not much rain and hot. So if you can please not stress those fish stacked up at the mouths of any feeder that comes into Pine, those fish will have a much better chance to survive and be around when the water temperatures cool. Then we can all go get them and not kill them in the process.

This morning looked nice.

The View From Here 1

Wasn’t a bad looking morning. But it’s going to get quite hot and sticky later this week – like in a day or two.

The View From Here 1A
Bear-Henge Getting Ready

I did manage to get the fie pit base ready today. Even got a coat of paint on the picnic table.

I haven’t been bothering the trout as even up the runs the water temperatures have been elevated. I’ll try to take the fly rod for a walk soon but I’m sure it will truly be just a hike while carrying a fly rod. I could do worse things.

The View From Here 2

This evening the sun’s light really put on a show turning a golden hue. I’m not positive but I wonder if the above image might show a lookout from the ‘Dragon’s Back’ trail. I may have to give that a try a little later this week.

The View From Here 4

The clouds had pastel pinks and almost an orange hue to them. Above, the last bit of sun for the evening just about to go over top of the mountain.

Well, tomorrow is the second coat on the picnic table – then maybe I can go do something fun.

Till we see each other again, … reporting from Slate Run – UB

4 thoughts on “The View From Here

    • Thanks slaterunjohn – thanks for commenting. Since Walt is on his travels out West, I was wondering if I’d get any comments while he was gone! Him and Dale have been the only people commenting so far (legitimately as there is spam commenters). I have a feeling that I’ll take a bit more time coming back down, than I do going up. Is that picture of the Dragonback lookout do you think? UB


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