Hell or High Water?

High water! Well, I had my chances Wednesday and Thursday but no, I had things to do. They were the kind of Fall days that you really look forward to here in Slate Run – 60s-ish with sun and mildly cool temperatures. I rather enjoyed mowing the grass in such conditions – I should have went fishing.

‘The Neighbor’ had stopped by and left a container of flies behind for me to critique and use. Was quite an assortment of ants and beetles – all expertly tied. He invited me to dinner (I think it was this past Thursday evening, 6pm-ish). Steak, baked potato and a salad rounded out the feast. It was delicious and the company was good. Thanks so much ‘Neighbor’.

It started raining somewhat early Friday morning. So I thought I’d do another chore I was just living for – replacing the toilet. I lug the thing up the steps (15 of them including a landing but who’s counting?). I noticed the box containing the toilet rattled a bit. Upon opening it up and inspecting the couple dozen pieces I realized that I just worked pretty hard – to only have to take it back down (the 15 steps) and return it to Lowe’s Lock Haven for exchange.

Got the toilet installed without further incident. It took me about twice as much time to go exchange the thing than it did to install it. Just as I arrived to Lowe’s it started raining a bit heavier. Upon completing my shopping it had not let up unfortunately. Got it loaded without getting too much more wet. It looks like the area had received about an inch of rain from that system (I’m talking of the precipitation on 10-29-2021 here).

It took Pine Creek till just about 8pm to start responding to all the rain. I think that’s about when the gauge at Cedar Run started going up. It peaked a little over 5 feet and started coming down.

Everyone is noticing that the leaves have remained on the trees a lot longer this year. No doubt the warmer than usual temperatures that ended summer and continued into fall had something to do with this.

On fire! There’s plenty of trees with their leaves on still.

Today it’s raining off and on. The creek has responded overnight and is pretty muddy and running high.

It’ll take some time to come down and clear. I’ve got a week till I leave so time will tell if it becomes fishable before I depart.

Guess there’s only one thing to do, carve a Jack-O-Lantern.

So have a Happy Halloween folks! Keep warm and dry.

Till we see each other again… UB

2 thoughts on “Hell or High Water?

  1. Lately, when we’ve had a rare dry day that’s suitable for fishing, I’ve had catch-up work to do outside, preempting my angling opportunities. I don’t know what’s less desirable: repairing flood damages from a clogged-up road culvert or hauling a boxed toilet all around, but I do know where I’d rather have been! Anyway it’s good to have a solid crapper in the house & a road that doesn’t flood every time we get a downpour. Thanks for the update & the chuckles, UB. Come hell or high water, I hope we get out on the water soon.


    • Sounds like you can relate. RTR – I appreciate your comments. I am glad you recognize the ‘chuckles’ aspect. Don’t know if a week will be enough to allow the waters to return to fish-able levels, but we’ll see I suppose. Thanks RTR – UB


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