The Good and the Bad… News

The Bad News…

I’ve always been a ‘bad news’ first sort so…

We got a call today that Greg Hoover was in the hospital and canceling his September 10th presentation to SRS. We apologize for any inconvenience regarding this occurring. We haven’t really gotten any RSVPs to our email so I hope there isn’t too many that may be impacted.

We will still be holding our meeting and are actively trying to find a replacement presentation. Stay tuned for details as they become available.

The ‘Good’ news …

Naval Run Road is back open over Little Slate Run – over the new bridge. Naval Run Road wasn’t closed but was utilizing a temporary bridge while the construction on the new bridge was occurring.

Little Slate Run bridge work complete!

I hope they’re thinking of planting some trees over Little Slate as the area has been really opened up in order to do that work. It looks like 20 or 30 yards of Little Slate is not covered compared to what was there before the construction. That may not seem like much but every foot of covered stream helps try to cool the water going into Pine. Since all that tree cover was ripped out, there is quite a bit of need to replace it (see the picture below for the reason why it’s needed).

The stressed trout need some trees to align Little Slate now that the construction is done.

We do not know what is specifically happening with Greg Hoover but wish him a speedy recovery.

We may be sending out an email blast to the email membership on this matter – heads up.

Till we see each other again… UB

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