The Sulphurs are coming… the Suplhurs are coming!

Sulphur #1

Just a quickie folks – I did see a few Sulphurs on the cabin this morning. They seem to be hatching now. When I fished this evening, I saw a few Grey Foxes and some rising fish, but got skunked! This endeavor always seems to humble me when I just start to get to thinking that I’ve ‘got it’!

Sulphur #2

To try to save my ego I’ve formulated that the fish probably saw a few dozen fisherman over the course of the day and several dozen flies presented to them. So, no wonder that I got refusals and no ‘takes’ tonight!

I think, no… I KNOW, this is why this sport has never gotten dull to me.

The Sulphurs are starting to hatch on Pine Creek guys and gals! I’m just guessing that the Iso’s are a week or so away.

Till we see each other again – I’m UB

2 thoughts on “The Sulphurs are coming… the Suplhurs are coming!

    • Well, that’s an interesting question. I suppose I should offer life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but I don’t. I simply pluck them off the window screen and place them as carefully as I can on to the rule, on the rail on my deck. Then using the macro feature on the ‘instant’ camera, take a few pictures if they settle down a bit. Uploading them into the computer and some ‘GIMP’ magic – wah lah! …UB


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