Broken Rod, Scarlet, and Bambi

No, it can’t be. I wake up this morning, the twenty-first of May and…

May 21st about 8am

Just keep telling yourself it’s May 21st not March 21st.

Well, I’m still at the cabin and had a chance to go up the mountain to do a little fishing yesterday. It was a beautiful weather sort of day, sun and clouds although a little cooler than what is normal for this time of year. But then again, what is normal these days?

So I went up on the run and fished a bit. The brookies did not disappoint.

Didn’t get a picture of the first mountain jem but I did the second! This was the best brookie of the day. My approximation was that this was a 9 – 10″ brookie. Not a monster as I’m sure there are bigger around – but a nice fish just the same.

There were more fish caught yesterday but I didn’t take pictures of all them.

I did manage to catch a tree trout! Upon flexing the rod to see where the tree trout had me entangled, the rod broke! This would be very upsetting had I not purchased another rod of the identical vintage a couple of years after I had gotten this particular stick. It is upsetting, but it’s not the end of the world.

I got out in front of the place with rod #2 in the evening and had a nice rainbow on. I’m guessing that this fish was not one of PA’s Finest but either a Brown Trout Club participant or maybe the state put a few bigger guys in with the mass stocking they did earlier this year. I did catch one of PA’s Finest though last evening.

Do you remember several years ago the ‘Where’s Waldo?” children’s books? Well I’ve present ‘Where’s Scarlet?’. While I was up on the run I saw what I think was a Scarlet Tanger.

Where’s Scarlet… Tanger?

Try not to look at the second picture – well, that will be difficult since its just below this one but…

Where’s Scarlet… Tanger – There She Is

Finally, I was driving back from fishing the run and saw ‘Bambi’. This fawn didn’t look very steady on its feet. I don’t know if something was wrong with it or if it was born just a few hours before I spotted it. It walked along the road toward me until I slowly approached in the car. Then it managed to get up on the bank beside the road.

Where’s Mom?

I hope I didn’t scare it off too far from the doe.

Well, today is another good looking day. Got to take care of some business but I think I’ll manage to get out and fish a little too later today.

The Overworked Quill Gordon Parachute – the Brookies were all over it!

Till we see each other again, I’m the Unintentional Blogger – UB.

2 thoughts on “Broken Rod, Scarlet, and Bambi

  1. Can’t really see that scarlet tanager but if it’s red & black then it’s a male– an awesome sight if the lighting is good. If it’s greenish & not singing hoarsely sort of robin-like then it’s the female… A good sighting either way. And those brookies look quite pretty. Makes me wanna hit the runs real soon!


    • Thanks for noticing RTR! 🙂 I think it may have been red and black. I know it wasn’t a cardinal. The brookies were amazingly colorful. I thought they would be a little more muted, but they were not. I know they get even a bit more colorful in the fall, but they were pretty amazing here in spring. I enjoyed the day and traipsing around Slate (albeit just about a half mile or so) that day. I’m still not 100% but it’ll come around.


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