Online Membership and Donations

Slate Run Sportsmen membership year is April 1 through March 31 of the following year.

THIS page is for joining or renewing your SRS Membership, or for making a donation to SRS through the use of this website.

One note here – IF you are joining SRS (or renewing your current membership) through this website – we are presuming that you will be alright with receiving the SRS Newsletter – The Slate Drake, by email! Therefore it is very important that you provide your email when you signup. Thank you!

To make a donation to SRS, scroll down almost to the bottom of this page for that process.

Joining or Renewing SRS membership

You will either need a PayPal account or a credit card to use this process.

Already have a PayPal account? You can use the ‘buttons’ below to either renew or join to Slate Run Sportsmen. If you want to create a PayPal account – click on any part of this sentence. Then you can come back and use PayPal for memberships.

Renewing your SRS membership – and your name is on the PayPal account being used to pay for your membership, skip down A. – to the ‘gold’ membership choices and choose your method of payment.

If you are joining SRS for the first time, please skip down to part B.

If the PayPal account being used to pay for a membership has a different name than the SRS member  – please email us at and we’ll reply to you with further instructions.

‘Click’ on the appropriate “Pay with PayPal” button below and you will be taken to your PayPal account where you will login to you account and taken through the process to authorize payment to SRS for you membership.

Renewing?                                – use the ‘gold’ choices
Joining? (New member)    –  use the ‘green’ choices

A. Renewing SRS Memberships:

Hit the appropriate ‘Pay with PayPal’ button or credit card buttons to the right of the ‘gold’ label below to make payment to SRS!

Renew SRS Individual Membership

Renewing your SRS Individual Membership


Renew SRS Family Membership

Renewing your SRS Family Membership


B. New SRS Memberships:

If you are purchasing your own membership, proceed to step 1.

If you are purchasing a membership for someone else, please email us at and we’ll reply with further instructions.

Step 1. Put the number of memberships you wish to purchase in the ‘number box’ …

This is just reference picture of what you will see below.

Step 2. Hit the appropriate ‘Pay with PayPal’ button or credit card buttons to the right of the ‘green’ label below to make a purchase (you will do the same process with Individual or Family memberships). You will then be redirected to your PayPal account to login and authorize payment.

NEW SRS Individual Membership

For NEW members… Individual membership into SRS


Hit the appropriate ‘Pay with PayPal’ button or credit card buttons to the right of the ‘green’ label below to make payment to SRS!

NEW SRS Family Membership

New Family Membership – for Parents and minor children in same household


C. Donations

If you are a member or not, and want to make a donation to Slate Run Sportsmen, please use the process below!

Three Steps!

Step One –
Down where the light blue picture is – use the up and down arrows in the box with the number one in it (circled in the snapshot below). So if you wanted to  donate $10, you use the up arrow till the number in the box is 10. Donations are only accepted in even dollar amounts.

Donations Capture-w red cir
Then you hit the ‘Pay with ‘PayPal’ or the Credit Card of your choice button/icon. That will take you to your PayPal account for you to log into and authorize your payment/donation to SRS!

Donate to Slate Run Sportsmen

Please enter the amount you want to donate to Slate Run Sportsmen – then click on “Pay with PayPal” or use the credit card option. Do this BEFORE you go to STEP 2!


Step Two –

The  FORM!
Please fill out this form (just below this paragraph at the bottom of the form)! This will let us know who makes a donation to SRS! We appreciate if you want to be anonymous but we require name, phone number and a comment like ‘SRS Donation’ to let us know of your intent. Thank You!

Step Three –

HIT SUBMIT!!! (below the Comment & Phone Number text boxes)

Last but not least – THANK YOU for making a donation to Slate Run Sportsmen!!!