Ok, this is a different sort of post! There will not be many like this in the future unless there is a desire and response indicating interest. So if this sort of thing isn’t your bag, not to fear – posts more related to fly fishing/tying/the area shall be posted quite soon.

Whatever degree of uncomfortable situation/s we are all facing (while dealing with the current health situation), I just felt like doing this to help distract from such. While we have a bit more going on than we did a year ago, let us allow ourselves to be distracted – at least for a little while this season (while we maintain safe practices to get a grip on the pandemic at hand).

SRS is a non-partisan organization – we do not affiliate with any particular political party or religion. Therefore, we are not attempting to promote any one belief over another (unless it is about supporting and keeping Slate Run as a Fly Fishing Only watershed).

Christmas is a Christian holiday though isn’t it? So traditional celebrations ensue when the calendar year comes around to it. I grew up within a household that decorated around the holiday. We do so here in my household now.

A Reel one!

I think I got this reel ornament from a friend that passed away many years ago. I met him at a local TU chapter and became good friends a few years later. When he passed away, he gave me his fly fishing stuff. I found this reel-face ornament among the various things from his fly tying inventory. Kind of reminds me of a CFO reel I have in inventory. I miss you Floyd.

I actually have two of these!

The rainbow is a fav of mine. Only one gets put on the tree at a time. Someone must have forgotten we had this when purchasing the second one.

Can’t have a decorated tree without Fishing Santa! I’m pretty sure that’s a Brown Trout Club fish!

Think I got the Fishing Santa as a Christmas present some years ago.

Cookie decorating has brought out some real talent in our daughter, Ellie. She’s decorated sugar cookies with a flair I certainly don’t possess. These gingerbread folks got her influence written all over them!

Ok, just for those that are thinking this…

Socially responsible Gingerbread Folks!

I was chuckling – but since we’re in the season… Ho ho ho!

Thank you to all the email followers that are following this website. We don’t have gobs of them but had a fair increase this past year. Thank you! (Mac a.k.a. Deen M. and Andy R. – I look forward to seeing you guys out in Pine next year! UB)

However you celebrate the holidays, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable time of year – this year especially.

Till we see each other again… UB

2 thoughts on “Ornaments

    • I posted on the SRS home page – Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Christmas – whichever applies – well wishes for you and your family this holiday season and better fortunes for the new year! Thanks for your support over this particularly interesting year. UB


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