Same Flies – Group Photo/s

Nothing new as far as style of fly tied this past week. Just thought I’d present a couple of ‘Group Photos’ of the collection though.

An older version of a caddis tied a few years ago. Certainly some similarities.

A thank you goes out to Jed Grove for providing me with the ‘Squirmy-Wormy’ material. I’ve never tied those before and hope they’ll last a couple of fish at least.

That’s it! Should start tying something else starting this week.

If any of you guys can take a decent picture (macro style) of anything you are tying and want to share it, feel free to email it to us at and we’ll post your handy-work. Better yet, send me 2 dozen flies and I’ll take the pictures and post them. I need 2 dozen just in case there is variation in your tying – I’ll pick the best one out, then photograph and post it. Oh, and the other flies are non-returnable sorry – I might destroy them or fish with them and lose them. Hopefully everyone can read the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humor in the former passage! But if you do want to send me any pictures, I’ll post them asap.

Till we see each other again… UB

2 thoughts on “Same Flies – Group Photo/s

  1. It’s always nice to see what folks are tying in anticipation of the season.. I often share the pics with my clients who share out pursuit of trout.. Thanks..
    Bob Foresti
    Syracuse, NY.


    • Thanks for the comment Bob! If you have any pics you would like to share here, email us at and I’ll get them posted asap. I know there are many tying and getting ready for the coming season. Hopefully we’ll all be able to try them out as winter loosens it’s grip. Although, it seems like it’s grip was on full display here 2 days ago. I think PA and you in NY are about to get some more ‘winter’. I’m currently tying some ‘sub-assembly’ parts (with the final product soon afterward) that I hope to get some pics of and share soon. Take care Bob! UB


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