Friday Night Flies Presents…

… WHAT? – an actual fly this time – no tying quite yet.

I pulled in relatively late last evening and I only got to look at the water around dusk. It looked great and does today as I’m writing this, but we’re getting a slug of rain today and tomorrow (if you can believe the weatherman & I do this time). So, I’m catching up and saw this visitor out on the deck.

I took some measurements and the overall length is about 12 mm (tip of head to tip of wing). The head is about 1 mm and the body – I’m breaking down into two parts as the front portion really looks like it’s a dark grey if not black, and the rear portion a mix of tans and hints of a light-ish olive &/or green. The body parts – front and rear about 3 mm each – for an overall body of about 6 – 6.5 mm. I know 3 and 3 equal 6 folks, I can add but the precision of the measurements are subject to the eye of the beholder so, you can decided for yourself. The wings were about 10.5 mm. The overall length I measured was about 12 mm. Therefore the head must range between 1 – 1.5 mm.

Over-exposed for your viewing pleasure…

There’s definitely some light green to light olive in ‘them there’ abdomen in my opinion. If you’re tying, you might consider some of that.

So I basically just got here and plan on getting out when I can.

Here’s a thought, 50 degrees outside and raining to beat the band, maybe I should tie some flies?! What a novel (hardly) thought! Well, there’s a few other projects I want to get going but time shall tell.

However, I did get a report that these caddis have been around and fishing them wouldn’t be the worst decision made I don’t think. Not sure how long they’ve been ‘going’ or how long they’ll last considering we’re suppose to get close to an inch of rain between today, Friday, and Saturday. It’s anybody’s guess what this will do to Big Pine. It is a wide-spread precipitation event so I’m sure it’ll go up – question is how much. If you can believe the weatherman/woman, they say that we’ll see some drier conditions several days after this shot of rain. I’ll trust him/her that it’s going to rain as forecast, but the part where we’re going to get a week of nice weather after this rain – they’re pushing their luck with me on that prediction. Time shall tell.

Till we see each other again… reporting live from Slate Run… UB

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Flies Presents…

  1. Hopefully the Saturday afternoon caddis present a good fishing opportunity for you, UB. I’m looking forward to visiting Kettle tomorrow to see if anything is cooking there for a similar taste in things. Good luck!


    • I hope the water isn’t too high over on Kettle by Saturday for you. I’m looking forward to mid-week – hoping that things might bust loose here in the Pine Creek Valley. We’ll see. We’re not suppose to get any more rain after today and I’m kind of hoping that it’s past now (as of 3:09pm). The edge of it is just to our south, I guess we’ll also see just how ‘creepy’ it gets. Good luck on Kettle RTR! (if you are going to stop by, let me know – I did get some “Two-Hearted’ to have on hand if someone came to visit). UB


  2. UB,
    Must admit, in my visit to the creek this past 4 days, I did not see any of the caddis in your pics.
    There were clouds of light winged caddis, size 16-18 and the fish were taking them, Cuz had alot of fish, me I had quite a few also..most on dry caddis.
    Few March Browns, only saw one particular fish that was aggressively taking the few that floated in its lane.
    Checked the river levels this am…up a foot, yes needed the rain with low levels, but why when the guy from BattleCreek arrives, and my return today!!!
    See you later..sounds like a few days of tying, reading and a few fingers of hoock!!!
    The neighbor.


    • If your premise was only true, there never would have been a drought in 2020. If it is true, man, maybe I can make some money on this deal – lol. But I can see where someone might think that associating my arrival and the crick coming up might, might be associated ;). So you saw a different caddis, well then! This caddis I shared was before the rain yesterday also, not sure it they’ll stop hatching now or not. You’re right though, should be some time to tie as Pine took a bit over an inch of rain yesterday. Good thing was it was just a steady sort and not any really heavy downpours. Ah, the leaves are trying to pop out and it’s suppose to be rather nice for 4 or 5 days. Hopefully it’ll come back down and the fish will respond, if we get any bugs to hatch. See you soon ‘Neighbor’ – drive safe! UB


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