It’s a nice fall day here in the upper mid-west. I think most of the country is experiencing good weather on election day, 2020. So there’s no excuse – make sure you get out and exercise your American right to vote.

Our club is a non-partisan organization, so all we want to do is encourage you to get out and vote! All kinds of extenuating circumstances have been thrown our way this year that seems to have exacerbated our situation. I think we can handle it if we all pull together and work toward getting through these difficult times.

Look out for each other – instead of at each other. What’s happened to the manner of respecting someone else automatically upon initial contact? We used to be a country of friendliness backed up with determination to resolve any problem tossed our way. Let’s get back to that if you think we’ve strayed.

Enough of the soapbox!

I just recently put out the suet blocks and had visitors almost immediately. In the past I usually waited until well into November or even December to put them out. I think the birds had moved on seeking a free meal elsewhere in those situations. I was surprised when I put the suet out one evening recently – birds were on it the next morning.

One visitor has not been so common (there’s a pun – or some other alternative meaning there I think) – a red-breasted nuthatch.

I think they are a little smaller than the common nuthatch. At least this one seemed to be smaller than its cousin. I’ve seen one here several years ago but not since. According to the Audubon Society book I have we are on the very edge of its winter and summer range. It might be just passing through but I am glad that I got to see it this year.

We’ve got one more visit to Slate Run coming up this month before we close the place up for the season. I hope I experience a fishing excursion or two that I’ll share with you when we get back to visit.

If anyone would like to contribute their fishing story/stories, please feel free to contact us at slaterunsportsmen@gmail.com. I’ll even offer to summarize your story if you don’t feel like writing one! Just shoot us a quick email and we’ll get back to you asap.

Well, till we see each other again, GO VOTE!…. UB

2 thoughts on “Go VOTE!

  1. Well said, and let’s hope for the best! The red-breasted nuthatch likes to cavort with the chickadees at my place. After voting today, I had a fine encounter with a group of evening grosbeaks, first time in about 30 years. It’s supposed to be an irruption year for the grosbeaks because their food supply in Canada is scarce. You might see them there in Michigan.


    • I see grosbeaks and orioles come through in the spring – but haven’t seen them this time of year in the past. Indeed, let’s hope for the best! Was a beautiful day here and they say we’ll hit 70 Saturday and/or Sunday. Unusual but I’ll take it. It’ll be cold soon enough. Take care Rivertop Rambles! UB


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