Navel Run Road Bridge Work In Process

Got back Wednesday, late. Thought I’d take a short drive down to see ‘The Stretch’.

Not sure when they started the ‘actual’ work but it’s clear that they’re working on the re-direction of Navel Run Road – the ‘temporary’ bridge. After it is traffic-worthy they’ll start on dismantling the old flagstone bridge that is currently there over Little Slate Run. And yes, the flagstone has been spoken for. I believe DCNR Forestry has dibs and will get the material that I have been eyeing up for over a year wondering where it’d go. Not to worry, they have had their eye on it.

I was informed that the new bridge will NOT be a double plastic culvert design. I believe it will be an open span concrete allowing the streambed to exist completely under the bridge. This is the temporary bridge configuration.

Rattler Haven!

As you can see there isn’t a lot of room to work in this area. While I can understand curiosity, please try to refrain from congregating in the area with large crowds please. They need room to do the work.

Also, you may want to be on the lookout for a yellow rattler as it seems one has been spotted residing in the flagstone of the old bridge. Please don’t go sticking your hands into places they don’t belong as you may find your day, if not vacation, taking a downturn if you do so. Please practice some common sense if you must visit the site. I’m presuming the DCNR is recommending to stay away from the site while the work is going on (although I haven’t spoken directly to them about this) and this sounds like good advice to me.

Then there was this… <sighs>

The trout are now congregating at the mouths of the feeders into Pine Creek. There’s signs posted everywhere advising to not fish these areas as doing so causes undue stress on them and very likely kills a great many. Oh, there will be those that say the fish was fine when they released it – and it may look fine at that point. But looking at that fish a few hours later may reveal a different story. This sort of stress on the trout takes its toll and increases their mortality tremendously. So please, do not fish these areas and put more stress than the fish already have them – especially when the air and water temperatures raise to these summertime levels (even though we’re technically still in late spring).

Till we see each other again, & live from Slate Run … UB

addendum to the post: I just got the Slate Run Tackle Shop E-Newsletter and see they’ve got a great ‘write-up’ about the bridge repair. Check it our if you happen to get the Slate Run Tackle Shop’s Newsletter. And if you don’t receive it, go to the shop and sign up for it. They do a great job updating the public on what’s happening in the area. UB

4 thoughts on “Navel Run Road Bridge Work In Process

  1. Oh my word I saw that guy yesterday!! I asked if he was a tourist and unfamiliar with the fish in the stretch and he said no HE’S A LOCAL. Mind=blown. I literally read the sign aloud to him it was evident he did not care about the fish or the sport. I noted before I walked away that it’s a real testament to his fishing capabilities to not even land one single trout when they’re all in the same spot like that 🙄😤🤦🏼‍♀️ I also stated to my seven year old in the perfect volume how sad it is that even HE knows that’s bad sportsmanship at 7 and some grown ups just don’t have respect.


    • Hiya Nicole – hey- check your email please? Hahaa… Thank you for recently joining SRS as I have sent you a couple of emails from our gmail account. Just trying to tidy up a few loose ends. Yes, we witness some behavior that seems ‘not conducive’ to good resource management as Dutch Fetter would say, regarding fishing over those that stack up at the mouths of the runs. Well, we can only keep preaching and see if those that do not understand will ‘see the light’ some time. Thank you so much for joining SRS Nicole and thanks for commenting on the post. It’s greatly appreciated to see that someone is actually seeing these little posts I make. (there are those that I know are… I do not discount you… thank you for following along). UB


    • Word from the SR Tackle E-Newsletter said the project was going to be completed in July – but this sounds too good to be true to me. Although they have pretty much completed the temporary bridge diversion as I saw it today and they had stone over the culverts and it looked like it was almost ready to use – we’ll see I suppose. I was glad to hear that the new bridge was going to have that ‘open concept’ under it and that the run will just continue like nature intended …’under the bridge’ so to speak. Thanks as always for the comment Darrell! UB


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