SRS Spring 2022 Meeting

We held our initial meeting of the year yesterday. We had 26 members in good standing and can consider it fairly well attended. While we did not have a presenter (correction edit here – thanks Barb!) for this meeting, we seemed to manage with a few discussions of business that we needed to address.

One of the early items discussed was an update on the DCNR ATV Trail Expansion Pilot Program. We had a representative at an informational hearing held late last year, SRS member Chip Ivins. Chip reported that the room’s overall aura had the distinct feel that the political representatives were all lined up on one side of the issue – in favor of the trail expansion. The overall impression was that the politicians had already made up their minds before listening to any testimony regarding the issue. We believe they are not really understanding the negative impact that this will have on the area. Additionally it looks like there was a Penn State University study that only looked at the economic benefits and did not consider the negative impacts that will be associated with the proliferation of ATV trails in the Pine Creek Valley. So with minds that were already made up, and a study that seems to be flawed, the effort to communicate our opposition, while not a total waste of time, seems to have been on deaf ears.

Cynthia Bower, Pine Creek Preservation Association, presented an outstanding affidavit which documented specific details about how we all believe the expansion will hurt the area. It seems though that the meeting/hearing was just a formality, an opportunity for those political folks to try to get some press about how they supposedly ‘care’ about the area. I believe the politicians are misguiding us in this matter.

We had some discussion about reviewing and updating our By-Laws which we’ll be presenting for consideration probably at the summer meeting. Other discussion took place regarding installing some gravel at the 7 Mile Campground that would be located near the gate area. Currently if you park at a campsite that is reserved and the campers show up (while you go fishing), you could possibly get a ticket. This parking area won’t be huge but will supply a couple/few spaces for a fisherman to park and not have this happen in the future. The DCNR Forestry folks seem to be alright with this proposal we want to pursue. We are starting to work on the logistics for this project now.

The Kettle Creek Music festival over in the Cross Forks area was discussed and will be coordinated by SRS member Joe K. It will be held August 11 – 13, 2022 at the Quiet Oak Campgrounds at 88 Quiet Oaks Campground Ln. Cross Fork, PA. Besides having a membership table we plan on demonstrating fly casting and will work directly with kids and possibly adults wanting to give it a try. Anyone wanting to participate and help us out at our stand, please email us at and we’ll get in touch with you.

There was some discussion about the Fisher Mining Company proposal for expanding the mining operation in the upper reaches of Little Pine Creek. We have a bit more information about this under our “Area Issues” tab here in the website. ‘Click’ or select here to direct yourself to that page.

Meeting adjourned approximately 12:01 pm.

SRS 3-26-2022 Membership Meeting

It was great to see everyone and get together. We’ll update the calendar here on the website when we know what presentation/presenter we’ll line up for the summer meeting – stay tuned.

Reporting live from Slate Run – and till we see each other again… I’m an ‘Unintentional Blogger’ – aka UB

2 thoughts on “SRS Spring 2022 Meeting

  1. Sad to hear about AVTs coming to Pine Creek. Brace yourselfs. I have a cabin in Abbott Township on Shortrun Rd. It’s nothing BUT HELL!!!!

    I’m a firefighter since 16 now 63. I’m also a retired Federal Assistant Fire Chief and EMT.

    As I wrote to Governor Wolf: if I come across an ATV accident I will stop urinate on the victims and leave them to suffer.

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    • Thank you Mr. Reed for commenting. As you can tell from our post, we have opposed the ATV expansion after considering what it will do to this pristine area. We had written letters to the Governor, Gene Yaw, Joe Hamm, all the people at the DCNR. I think Chip Ivins (SRS representative at the hearing late 2021) had mentioned at our meeting yesterday that Joe Hamm had said something like nobody had contacted his office in opposition. Clearly he doesn’t remember our letter or maybe someone screened it out and he never saw it? Doesn’t matter – we’ve been opposed to this from soon after we heard about it. There has got to be a place in PA where the ATVs are NOT. The Pine Creek Valley is the right place for them to NOT exist.

      You original comment had your phone number in the comments – I took that out in case you had not meant to include that. I don’t want someone from the other side of the fence to start harassing you. If you insist that I put it back into the comment – I will. But I think it might be a good idea to not include it. Just my opinion.

      Take care and thanks for commenting. UB


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