Evening on Pine – May 31

I get to see Pine from the cabin. I walk out and look at it now and then during the day to see if anything is happening. I haven’t seen much happening during the daytime the past few days. The evenings, is another story entirely.

I went out and fished Pine last evening and had a nice time. Fish weren’t easy but I caught several and enjoyed my time in the water.

I saw Green Drakes, what I thought were Brown Drakes or maybe Slate Drakes, Grey Foxes (still), and probably a few Blue Winged Olives. Fish started to come up and get active late in the afternoon.

Fish weren’t jumping on my presentations like they never saw a meal before – but the action was enjoyable as I haven’t been seeing much surface action for some time.

Till we see each other again, … UB

4 thoughts on “Evening on Pine – May 31

    • Thanks Dale! Last evening, a similar story, not much happened when I got in at about 5:30. Oh I caught fish only a ‘Mother’ would love – CHUBS! But I think I had only one rise from a brown that early. Then 7 – 7:30 more bugs, rising fish – was a very active time the rest of the evening. Landed one, one at the net and got off, and another had a long range release. Pulled the fly out of a few mouths too. You would of thought that I had just learned how to fish if you saw me last night . Oh well, I still had a bunch of fun! How’s that little stream fishing near you? … UB


    • Thanks! They were pretty – that first one I got was quite golden. Some of the Rainbows looked a little more colorful than others too this spring. Was pretty amazing to not see much of any activity during the day and then it came on about 4:30 – 5pm. Bugs everywhere – which can make it a bit challenging as the artificials we propose are competing with the real deal. UB


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