The White-Eyed Spinner

I saw this guy hanging around this morning.

The White-Eyed Fellow Visits the Cabin

I do not know, yet, what this spinner is regarding it’s genus or species or even common name. If anyone has any clues, please let me know. That’s my pinky finger in the background for scale. Yep, it looks like to me that with tails, this guy was in the 2 inch region.

I tied yesterday and made these.

The Parachute and Sparkle Dun have been fished with some fish taking them but…

I tied these, below, today. Have been fishing other’s I tied previously with great success for a couple of days now.

This has been working well. I tried to use a size 12 brown spinner and seemed to not get as much interest. I don’t think I got any rises on it. Switched back to the yellow size 10 – BAM. It’ s just been working well! ‘Course this will all change today right?

Till we see each other again…. UB

2 thoughts on “The White-Eyed Spinner

    • Thanks RTR for the comment and compliment. I’m not sure I am so deserving of the praise as when I look close, I know I am no expert in tying. But I manage to catch a few with what I tie! And you’re right, if that mayfly was even a couple of feet in wingspan, I’d be running off the water if I saw it coming my way! LOL


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