Covid-19 Getaway

So… as I write this I am ‘at the cabin’! I was able to leave, with permission from the local government, Sunday, returning to Slate Run for some projects I want to complete and to do some fishing.

I headed down to the local metropolis to pick up some materials. Masked up, and with my shopping list, I got what I needed and headed back to Slate Run. Throwing some pavers on the ground would have to wait as I started to think it might be a good afternoon to go fishing.

I thought I could jump out into Pine and maybe entice a few to entertain me. But, as in all the best laid plans, someone had decided to park their raft on top of the spot that I had investigated a day prior.

They threw dry’s and bobbers until someone had caught something. They took a picture and I think returned it to the waters. But as I sat along the bank I realized that the spot may not be able to be fished until the next day. Did I let this stop me? No! (the fool)

I saw a few rise but not with any sort of regularity. I played around with a blue winged olive, then a grey fox emerger, until I thought I’d try a March Brown. That seemed to work as I eventually got noticed and managed to completely miss the first take, hook up and slip off for the second interested party, and ‘land’ one.

No Brown trout unfortunately – just Pennsylvania’s finest stocked fish… the rainbow.

Pennsylvania’s ‘Finest’ Stocked Trout – pic 1
Same fish, different picture

Well… not every day or outting is a brown trout day, oh well. I think that’s what keeps me interested.

No Grey Foxes or Sulphurs yet, but I hear that they should make an appearance soon.

Till we see each other again, I’m the Unintentional Blogger (UB)

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Getaway

  1. Glad you got to Pine, UB. It must be nice. Today I fished the Genesee, hoping to see a hatch but didn’t see one. Nonetheless, caught a dozen hatchery trout on a Picket Pin wet and enjoyed the “oriole weather.”


    • While it looks like the runs could probably use a shot of rain, I’m glad the two competing weather systems have led to no precipitation. As a result Pine is wade-able. I’ll try to see if I can get up a run today.
      Speaking of Orioles, I’ve got one building a nest out in front of the place here, way up high in a sycamore tree along Pine. UB


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