Between ‘a Rock and a Hard Place’… no, I mean the Thunder and the Rain

June 4th brought some rain later in the day. A little thunder and lightning accompanied with a few heavy downpours occurred.

Clouds over Slate Run

In all fairness, the clouds look much more menacing than they really were. Amazing what you can do in a photo editor. Still, I thought they looked interesting so I took a picture.

Tied before I went out.

But they did before and they will again some day.

I caught one before 5 pm and there was some surface action to my surprise. I also released one just before I got it to net.

Pre-Thunder Brown #1

But I got kicked off by the thunder and headed for shelter till it passed. I think that was about 5 or 6 pm. I went back out and fished a bit but was getting nowhere so I decided to perch myself up on the bank and watch to see if anything would start up the later it got in the evening.

It did start back up a bit at about 7:45 pm. So I wade out and the sky grew darker, and it showered a bit. I was wet, but not too wet. FISH ON (meaning, continue on, don’t let a little rain deter you)! Before the thunder I had released one just before I got it to net, so I decided to do that again since it was so much fun to work so hard but not get a snapshot.

It was getting dark a bit early since the clouds were around. Probably helped me as I managed to land one last Brown of the evening.

Post-Thunder Brown #2

Timestamp says 8:46 pm. It was dark enough for me so I called it a night.

Till we see each other again… UB

2 thoughts on “Between ‘a Rock and a Hard Place’… no, I mean the Thunder and the Rain

    • Well if you do make it up, something has to be happening bug-wise. I haven’t seen a huge number of Slate Drakes on Pine yet so I think that might start soon I hope. Water temperature was 68 in Pine 2 days ago – I hope it goes down a little. Suppose to cool off a little Saturday, at least be less humid. I was only up Slate one time this past week – way up. Brookies were eager as usual.


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