Ornaments, Memories, and Friends

This is not a report from Slate Run or has very much to do with fishing the area. It’s a Holiday Greeting and is a bit picture heavy so it may take a bit longer than usual to load.

It’s getting that time of year when many decorate and prepare for the holidays. We’ve set up the tree and adorn it with various decorations. Many of them have special meaning behind them.

Black bear – special as it was a visitor of sorts a few years ago.

We’ll start off with this black bear as it has significance. He/She was an unexpected visitor in the house I was staying at a few years ago. This was one occasion when the wife accompanied me on the trip. It worked out alright and damage to the place was minimal. Still, I would not want to invite Mr./Mrs./Ms Black Bear back inside any time soon.

We have a few ornaments that I had been given when I moved away from home many years ago.

The one on the left had color on it until I got a hold of it in my early 20’s. I recall a light green ring alternating with a cream colored white before I rubbed the color off. The finish could be removed by just touching it as one would place it on the tree I recall. The pear – I remember it on the tree when I was growing up every year of my childhood. The green and white one on the right either came from home or was given to me from a deceased friend I had here in Michigan. Rest easy Floyd.

Our daughter went to college in Chicago a few years ago and we’d all travel back and visit there during the Christmas break. We went to what I think was called the Christmas Market a couple of years – where various vendors were located along with the downtown Christmas Tree. One vendor had hundreds of brilliant glass ornaments. We bought several that year and a few more the following years.

The son went to Arizona for college. So one year I found this under the tree for me.

A Christmas Saguaro.

A few current favorites.

Our daughter embroidered the two shown above. I think she has more talent than she realizes!

I believe that it will be obvious to all us fishers of the fly why these ornaments are special.


Memory #1. I’ve a few memories from this past year’s fishing. This one may have been previously shared from an earlier post – apologies for any repetition. On one instance I recall that a few canoes were floating placidly behind me while I intently fished over some rising Brown Trout Club Browns. I hooked into one just as they were floating past & behind me. One of the Captains or passengers shouted out something to the effect ‘LET’s SEE IT!’. It was a decent fish and I wasn’t going to horse it in. They lagged around, not paddling past but rather slowing to a crawl thus providing an audience. I wasn’t amused. I managed to net the fish after a few minutes and a couple of them hooted a bit. Of course I gave a cursory tip of the hat and immediately started fishing again like there’s nothing to it. I’ve got to stop being so arrogant.

Memory #2. Probably the most special memory from this past year happened when ‘The Neighbor’ and Andy R. witnessed me catching a Brown in Pine this past spring. I normally scowl at an audience but took exception to this event as it was a nice fish and I know that these two guys appreciate a good tussle, fish, and fish story. You can read about it (if you haven’t already) in a previous post I’ve made regarding ‘SOOT’ (Son Of Orange Trout).

I’ve neglected my close fishing friend, Harry, this year. We need and will go fishing next year – I promise! Harry doesn’t ’email-follow’ this blog so I don’t think he’ll catch up with this necessarily. Although we didn’t fish this past year, your friendship has meant a lot to me. You’ve allowed me to rant, meander, talk, cajole and commiserate many times recently. Maybe I can alter that behavior and we can fish more and commiserate less next year. Sounds like a good plan to me! So… we shall.

And I recognize that I need to allow myself to stretch my fishing boundaries. Fishing-wise next year, I need to try to see if I can keep up with the blog host of Rivertop Rambles (its a great blog folks – if you want to do a little reading where fly fishing is woven into much more that he experiences like hiking, exploration and some great scenery). I just hope I don’t slow you down too much if we do get the chance to get out and find a Brookie or two!

When you get a good fishing friend, it’s like striking gold. It doesn’t happen often. I’ve fished with some that like to hike up the same stretch and take turns on the stream. Both seem to fish with the same speed and thoroughness or lack thereof. You can chat sometimes and even solve all the world’s problems while fishing. Other times you fish with someone playing the ‘hop-scotch’ game. You fish a good looking stretch while your partner goes up ahead or below you a ways and starts fishing. I’m not as keen on this method when fishing with someone I don’t know too well as one can ruin the other’s fishing fairly easily. But it can be done properly with the right partner that is careful to not destroy the other’s chances that you’re hopping over. Either way can work as long as the ground rules are known ahead of time.

I’ve brought a few people with me when I’ve fished Slate or Cedar. One was fishing every turbulence in a methodical fashion that would have taken all day to fish from Slate’s mouth up to the walking bridge (an exaggeration). I’ve brought others that just don’t quite ‘get it’ regarding the runs. What’s great here is that you have another opportunity when this happens, Pine Creek!

I’ve had the fortune to establish my ‘cabin’ and meet ‘The Neighbor’, Andy R., Jim P., and the Neighbor’s cousin Bob. I saw Bob out fishing this past year and had the pleasure of fishing next to him a time or two. Bob – we had a rather decent day out in the rain this past year I recall. Here’s hoping we do it again next year.

Then there’s Mr. Plank… no… it’s Jim P.! šŸ˜‰ I’m wanting to change your nickname but will hold off until I have a chance to discuss this with you. It’s good to see someone still get excited about catching a fish – within reason Jim …. lol!

One more story needs telling as I’ve recently undergone a procedure that many older, I mean ‘Senior’, males go through. This is not the most important issue here – its what happened, I believe, either during or after the procedure that is significant. The anesthesia was strong enough to suppress my memory but not enough to suppress the vocal cords (by design). My wife retells this story that the people attending me during the procedure or those that transported me on the way to recovery relayed. They mentioned that I had stated to them …that I had a dream about Slate Run. This was not all! I think I may have mentioned slaterunsportsmen.com a few times. Ok, it was 4 times according to my wife/attending personnel. So I ‘come to’ and I’m hearing the attending personnel state that I’m quite a blogger! I am very confused and the wife tells the story. I do not remember anything I said before I ‘came to’. I suppose I should be grateful that I didn’t share any ‘Freudian’ sub-conscious things! Not that I have any but…

Anyway I’d like to thank all those that helped me through the procedure (again since this is not a personal blog I am not mentioning you by name – but you know who you are – thanks!).

I’ve rambled on long enough. I think that needs to be Rivertop Rambles line eh? But I’m using it here today. Until we see each other again, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays or whatever other Holiday Greetings apply, we at Slate Run Sportsmen wish you the best holiday and new year!

Santa’s Brown Trout Helper – Son of Orange Trout!

Maybe I’ll run into grandson or daughter of SOOT next year? Here’s hoping! Until we see each other again… I’m an Unintentional Blogger… aka UB.

2 thoughts on “Ornaments, Memories, and Friends

  1. Beautiful ornaments & assorted photos here, UB! Thoughtful recollections with holiday cheer, much appreciated, I’m sure, by anyone associated with the SRS organization (which you have so greatly helped this year) and who love the Slate Run area. Your anesthetized moments demonstrate your life skills there, Marion. I probably would have let loose a couple of Freudian embarrassments, myself. And thanks for the shout out, blog to blog! Here’s wishing you & yours the best in holiday cheer, and I look forward to getting back together as the bright new year (hopefully) brings us opportunities fresh & varied.


    • Thank you so much for all your support Rivetop Rambles! From leaving comments here and for allowing me to commiserate to you about some of this web stuff. Thanks for being a Slate Run Sportsmen member and letting me bounce things off you regarding some of the business we deal with there as well. As I will not be returning to the area until late winter at best, possibly early spring 2022, I am already looking forward to next year. I think I’ve expressed this via email or over at your website but, Happy Holidays Walt, to you and your family, have a great New Year too! UB


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