Bridge Progress & Low Water Conditions

A ‘Prequel’ Note

I realize that many of you who ‘follow’ this blog get an email with the content of this post in it. I believe most may simply read the email and that’s that. This is perfectly fine. However, the full ‘experience’ of viewing this update is not necessarily coming through to you when you read a post in this fashion. I usually set a ‘featured image’ in these postings and when it is read on the website you get to see that image at the top of the posting. You are not seeing the full layout of a post when you just read it in your email. So if you choose to visit the website, you can easily get to it by clicking on the link under “New Things To Check Out,…” – along the right side of the home page ( This will take you directly to the latest post in its full splendor. homepage. New Posts always listed at top under ‘New Things to Check Out’.

Now onto the main post

Well, at least I can update anyone interested in knowing what is happening with the Little Slate Run Bridge project – as I haven’t been out fishing since the water levels have decreased significantly in the area. Also I had a little set-back with the left knee so I’m not quite up to trudging up the runs – not quite yet at least. And since there isn’t much water anywhere – giving the fish a break isn’t a bad idea at this point in time in the area.

When I stopped by a couple of times they weren’t standing around twiddling their thumbs – they were kicking butt and taking names as far as I could tell.

Looks like two different dump trucks were busy bringing in material for back-filling.

I had a chance to talk with one of the guys there who seemed to be, at least from my casual observation, supervising the operation. Had a really pleasant conversation and it seemed that things were going well. Nothing was discussed that indicated to me that something would cause any delay with the project. That’s not to say that they can’t run into something unforeseen that might affect things. But at this point in time, things are going really well it looks like to me.

It looks to me like they are just humming along with getting the bridge done by end of July.

Posted Onsite Bridge Project Timing

Looks like Navel Run Road is scheduled to reopen on July 20th! Some signage will have to come down a day or two later but it looks like things will be, more or less, back to normal by the 20th.

I decided to go visit the accesses along The Stretch and saw some of the residents along the way.

I took a few pictures of The Stretch at the access points.

Pine Creek at Black Walnut Bottom July 2022 – Cedar Run gauge 1.01 feet.
Pine Creek at Clark Farm July 2022 – Cedar Run gauge 1.01 feet.
Pine Creek at Ross Run July 2022 – Cedar Run gauge 1.01 feet.

If I’m not mistaken at this point in time, the area is in worse shape than during the 2020 drought.

2022 to 2020 Pine Creek @ Cedar Run Gauge Height – Water Level Comparison

Slate didn’t look any better – awfully low.

I am hoping that the ground water conditions are better than what appears here on the surface. As everyone knows, it’s been awfully dry on the surface and so the streams reflect this pretty obviously. I hope the runs can sustain their respective trout populations through another apparent drought – 2 in the past 3 years!

We’ve stated our perspective about fishing at the mouths of the feeder streams before and I don’t feel like preaching that line again here at the moment. I hope the majority of people coming to visit and thinking you’ll go fishing, go out for bass now – leave the trout alone for now, and maybe they’ll be here in the fall again.

Hey, It’s YOUR Website (SRS members)…

As always, if anyone wants to share any pictures or stories about your past fishing experiences in the area, please shoot us an email at and we’ll make it happen. I’ve realized that I haven’t been posting as much this spring and summer… as I have in the past. I’m not sure if this is because I have not been out fishing as much as last year, thus not as much to report, or if I have been less motivated since it seems like most of my posts are sounding like repeats of past editions. I’m not keen on repeating myself but I guess I have to realize that these posts are reports on observed conditions. The local conditions, and as a result the posts, should be expected to repeat to some degree I suppose.

So, if ANYONE would like to submit YOUR story or expedition we’ll post it here after we review it. Please do not hesitate to shoot us an email. If you would want assistance editing your story, heck, I’d consider helping you out with that too – if you’d like. Just let us know.

Till we see each other again … UB

2 thoughts on “Bridge Progress & Low Water Conditions

    • I’m thinking everyone in this section of the country are hoping for some rain. As we don’t have control of such a thing, time will tell if we have another 2020 I suppose (but it’s sure looking like 2020 or worse). I see rocks exposed that I have never seen above water before in Pine. Thanks for stopping by RTR… and commenting! UB


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