Friday Night Flies Presents…

Repeat Offenders!

So Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and I saw the first Red-Winged Blackbird of this season at the bird feeder. I believe this is a coupe weeks earlier than normal. Yes, I’m using the word ‘normal’ and not apologizing for it. Ok, I suppose I should be using the word ‘average’ technically – average instead of ‘normal’ but heck, the context in which I am referring to here folks, is normal (maybe, I’ll average it out and edit this post if necessary)!

I posted in March of 2019 about the spring arrivals (SRS post – 3-8-2019: March, Winter and Spring’s Arrivals) that the Blackbirds arrived on February 27 in 2018 and March 1st in 2019. And now 2023 they arrived on Valentine’s Day. Like I said, I think their arrival is early. I’m not complaining provided that it means spring may arrive early too.

Then on the other hand, I at times think about the snow pack there in Slate Run and hope that it was sufficient to provide that early spring shot of water into the watershed. What conversations I’ve had with those I know there, this past winter’s snow pack has not been very significant – unfortunately.

But this IS Friday Night Flies isn’t it? Let me not dwell on these other matters then!

The flies presented in this report, apologies folks, they’re repeat offenders. But, I can report that more research has been done on one of the selections presented and we can now state that it is a viable tie and has ‘experience’ now.

Firstly though, the March Brown Bleeding Heart…

A ‘Bleeding Heart’ – March Brown version

Thanks to Mr. Bob Stanton for the recipe and SRS member Walt F. for being the liaison in getting me the recipe (a few years ago). This has a track record – in other words, it works! I’ve had a little success with it and my fishing buddy has also.

It’s relatively easy to tie I think. It does require you to tie off and start the thread again (in front of the bead) though. Tying rear to front, after lining hook shank with thread I tie in the ribbing material, then I wrapped flattened lead wire on the shank, doubling it up just a few turns up closer to the bead end. Then dub the body, and wind the rib and tie off. I tie back on in front of the bead and attach a hackle (the softer & web-bier the better). Sometimes if I tied too far rearward with the bead, the hackle will be further rearward than I like. I then put a dubbing collar in front of the hackle. I tend to not do that on all flies though. This sample is tied on a size 10 nymph hook. I’ll probably tie this in a 12 also and will consider adjusting the size of the bead when I do.

I previously tied the following in a post here. It’s a Czech Nymph variation I think.

Czech Nymph Variation – Now proven!

The report I got was that this nymph was used as the dropper and another fly was on point. This fly caught 3 fish this past weekend and the point fly 1. I’d say it’s tested and passed with flying colors (That’s an olive-brown hareline UV micro chenille, hareline UV micro chenille black, any sort of ‘wing’ casing material you prefer lashed down with 0.009 mono, tungsten bead-probably a Ø 5/32″, and black Veevus thread – 12/0 or 16/0, probably a size 12 scud style hook).

The point fly…

The Point Fly 11FEB2023

The Tester of these flies thought I tied this point fly also. I don’t recall (using Ronald Regan’s go-to quote) tying this one (using Ronald Regan’s go to quote) and I don’t think I’m experiencing dementia. I could be wrong on the first count, on the second one, who knows (I don’t think so)!

Lastly, I saw this on Valentine’s Day here at the house…

Valentine’s Caddis?!

I couldn’t believe it! That IS a caddis folks (I think – at least that’s what I’m going to call it) – on Valentine’s Day! Well, the temperatures were close to the 50 degree mark and I did see a few flies flittering about the past few days. Simply amazing I think.

Well, as always, if anyone would like to send me some pictures of flies, tied or natural, fish they’ve caught or from someone they’ve know who caught, I’d be more than happy to post them in the seasonal BLOG category, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Flies & Fly Tying – here in the SRS website. Take as high a resolution pictures as you can and email them to and I’ll probably email you back to discuss how I would proceed with them.

Well, lot’s of things going on isn’t there? Spring is right around the corner and we should be getting ready for the upcoming fishing season. Time to tie if you haven’t started already. I know I need to tie up some little Black Stoneflies. They certainly worked last year also.

Till we see each other again… I’m an Unintentional Blogger – aka UB

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Flies Presents…

    • And now tested!!!! Harry had a good time with it a week ago up his favorite stretch (mum’s the word)! I think success in as cold a water that is typical at this time of year, perhaps, says something for the design of the fly. I’ll keep tying it and now I got to fish it some – Haha! Thanks for the comment RTR!


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