Not a Fishing Post – A Trip to Emporium

I like reading about local history. I’ve gotten a few books at home and am always in search of a new one (new to me). I found a title, and did a little research which helped me locate a reprint which are much more affordable than first editions. I located one at the Cameron County Historical Society, in Emporium, Pa.

It was a pretty, foggy morning the day I had arranged to meet someone at the Cameron County Historical Society building. Slate Run and the mountaintops were pretty fogged in.

Hamilton Bottom had a moment of brightness.

Hamilton Bottom Straightaway

I took 44 North up over the mountain and got on Hyner Mountain Road. On the other end of Hyner Mountian Road – 120 West.

120 West – October 2020

You know, it may have been a foggy, drizzly, misty, dreary morning but so what! It has been so dry for so long this past summer that I will not complain about having to drive in such conditions as I know the good it is doing. The problem is, we need this to happen on a regular basis in order to make any improvement. I’ll try to be careful with what I wish for (as.. like the past two years I swore off precipitation). However in this case, it was a great drive and really pretty scenery along PA 120.

Next little ‘burg’ – Driftwood.

Heart of the Endless Mountains – Driftwood

If the sun had been out, it would have been ablaze with color. I’m definitely bringing the better half back here next Autumn.

I made it to Emporium with no problems and met with Judy, the lady that had reserved the book I was seeking.

Judy – Emporium Historical Society, You represented the Society well Judy – Thanks for all your help.

I must mention a Michelle C. from Cameron County PA Online. She made several phone calls and emails sent to arrange for Judy to meet me and find the book. Thank you so much Michelle and Judy for all the help!

A treasure in the mountains – Cameron County Historical Society

The books bought at the Historical Society:

If you like reading about local history, I recommend going to the Cameron County Historical Society to check out what they have available. Google them, you’ll see hours of operation. They’re located on 125 West Greenwood Street, Emporium.

Well, it was a quick visit – I headed back to Slate Run.

The route that my gps took me was different than the one it selected to get me there (don’t ask me why, I do not know). However it had me navigating through Austin (Potter County), and since I was in the area, I had to stop by and see my Father’s old camp.

Things sure have changed around here!

The Old Tannery is just a shell of it’s former self.

The Old Tannery – Past it’s ‘Hay-Day’

The ruins of the old Austin Dam is a park now.

I paid attention to the gps to a certain extent, then took matters into my hands and after a bit of recalculating, got back on track. Eventually I got back on 44 South which proved to be quite foggy on top of the mountains.

Foggy 44 South – mid-day

It would clear a bit before I got back to Slate Run. I only drove 60 or 70 miles today. However the route in-which those miles are traveled, what is it they say, make all the difference.

Why? Why should I write and someone read a post about a silly little trip to a town a couple of counties away? It’s not about fishing the local area. It’s not even about fishing. Answer: Local History! At least to me, it’s important. It’s important to try to understand the people of the area where I spend a lot of time. It’s not always pretty, clean or tidy, but it’s history and it should reflect what actually happened. It should help us understand what those who came before us experienced, and what we possibly could experience in the future. We could learn a thing or two from history (local), if we gave it a chance.

Ok, I DID wade out in to Pine this evening trying to figure out what that trout or two have been feeding on. Well, I didn’t get definitive results. I did capture a large brown/yellow stonefly and a ‘cinnamon’ sort of caddis (only one mind you) – but it wasn’t like I could get any sort of statistical trend here folks. But, hey, I’ve only gotten my spot here on Pine last year. I have a few years before I figure it out don’t I (before the flyfishing Police bust me for being inept)?

NOT a very sharp focused picture – sorry guys – but you get the idea.

Till we see each other again….. Reporting from Slate Run – I’m UB, the Unintentional Blogger

2 thoughts on “Not a Fishing Post – A Trip to Emporium

  1. Local history is important to those of us who feel connected to a place for reasons such as recreation or daily living. It provides a fascinating depth to an area that comes by reading books such as you have checked out in Emporium and/or listening to the stories told about the region by old-timers and rural inhabitants. Glad you had an enjoyable, mist-laden drive to Cameron County. Love those Sinnemahone locales, even the First Fork haunts like the decayed Old Tannery…


    • Thanks RTR for the comment. I believe you had some association with the Old Tannery, thus could relate. Thank you for commenting and reinforcing the belief that history, especially local history, has relevance even today. UB


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