Fishing with a Friend & Not Fishing with a Friend

The SRS Summer Pat Eroh Picnic was held this past Saturday, June 12, 2021. Please check out the Home page (the page that shows up when you go right to of this website as I posted a summary of the event there.

Well, we first start with what bugs I’ve been seeing here in Slate Run from the past few days.

Then there are the Light Cahills.

So I asked fellow SRS member Dave B. to stop up if he wanted to try fishing Pine this evening. It had been somewhat cloudy most of the day and I thought that the water might have stayed cool enough to fish Pine – and it was cool when I got it – measured 68 degrees.

Dave B. toiling over a few risers.

I fished an Iso (Slate Drake) and I forget if I had interest in the parachute I had tied on or if it was the emerger version – but I had some interest in whatever it was. I switched up a bit trying the Light Cahills I had tied the hour before – they got a few refusals! Not sure if size or color was the issue – usually it’s one or the other. I even tried an emerger Light Cahill – nuttin!

So I switched back to the Slate Drake Emerger.

We both lost a few fish and got a couple. Was a nice evening on Pine.

I think we both had a good time. We stayed till we couldn’t see the fly on the surface anymore and called it a night.

Last release of the night.

This might be the last fishing I do on Pine till water temperatures cool in September – we’ll see I suppose.

Was really nice to get out there with you Dave, we’ll have to do it again some time.

So I ‘have an ear’ for certain sounds – like a rotary engine on an airplane as it flies overhead. And I heard such a sound today (the day or two after fishing with Dave).

I couldn’t believe I heard this before it approached. I didn’t have the camera ready when I first saw it. But I ran to get it the next time I heard it. A Bi-Plane flying around Slate Run! I think I would have paid good money to have been a passenger in that plane (only if there was a second seat).

I did take trip up one of the Runs. Wasn’t ‘Gang-busters’ as I’d put… it but I caught a few nonetheless.

I did see a couple of interesting things before I started fishing.

Did catch another in Slate later in the day.

One more interesting observation while I was hiking up Slate Run.

Two-Tailed Grey Fly – Mid- June – Quill Gordon???? No way! They’re one of the first to emerge aren’t they?

I didn’t catch gobs but I had a good time. Water temp in Slate was 59 degrees at about 5pm.

Till we see each other again… UB

2 thoughts on “Fishing with a Friend & Not Fishing with a Friend

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Having a good time of it is what counts. Yesterday friend Bob Stanton & I fished various locations on Cedar Run & didn’t catch more than a couple of small ones. Fished the flats on Pine which proved quite frustrating though I landed a good rainbow at dusk. Emergers, dries, we worked ’em all. Might have tried a small “Sopwith Camel” pattern if I had had one. But we had a good time, the Hotel dietary supplements included. Oh yeah, what capped it all off for us was the calling of a whippoorwill at dusk– I needed that!


    • Thanks for commenting RTR! Yes, the fishing on Pine has been a challenge and was a challenge when Dave B. and I fished it. Like you said, emergers, dries – Light Cahills, Iso’s (aka Slate Drakes) & some much smaller stuff, it’s a smorgasbord for them right now and they aren’t ordering either off the same menu or the same thing! Makes for a frustrating evening at times. I believe the fishing on Pine may soon come to a close for me as it’s getting pretty warm water temperature-wise. If you ever bring Mr. Stanton down this-a-way again, I’d like to meet him. That Bleeding Heart pattern is a gem! Take care – I’m returning home today – will be back in July sometime. UB


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