Covid Thanksgiving

We recently got back from the cabin – shutting it down for the season. It’s always a bittersweet feeling leaving the place and realizing that we wont be back for several months. I feel a little bit better though by draining water and blowing the pipes with pressurized air. The extra precaution makes me more confident that next time I get back there – there will be no problems starting the place back up.

This year has been especially unusual hasn’t it? The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in some way. I know a few SRS members had contracted it. I have not heard of any SRS members being fatally stricken though – thankfully. So many people around the country will be experiencing this holiday season with the loss of a loved one because of Covid-19. Without minimizing anyone’s loss, I hope we can still realize there is much to be thankful for.

Please celebrate carefully this season. If that means we do not gather together in the huge family setting that we’ve been accustomed to, then so be it. If it means not getting together at all – so be it. If it means wearing a mask to protect others and yourself, SO BE IT.

If we are smart enough to take precautions, perhaps we can still safely celebrate in some modified fashion. This decision is individual and each and every one of us need to decide for yourself just how much risk you are willing to accept. It means we should not be reckless by completely relaxing and abandoning any sense of responsibility to ourselves or others regarding social distancing and mask wearing. So, we hope you can celebrate safely this year – even if it means not getting together like you have traditionally in the past. Hang in there, we’ll get through this.

Be safe, be healthy… Happy Thanksgiving!

Till we see each other again… UB

p.s. – I’ll try to get back into the fly tying kick and get some pictures up of the tying in the Flies & Fly Tying part of the blog. The holidays might get in the way a little with this so please be patient (so this might happen more after the New Year). Thanks

6 thoughts on “Covid Thanksgiving

  1. I have to say that even though the river was low and fishing was “Sporting conditions “, the scenery did not disappoint. October 7th-to the 16th was a magical time to be in Pine Creek this year and I was happy to socially distance myself in a place I love. Cheers to you and hope you get to enjoy some winter fishing. Tight Lines


    • Thanks for the comment Matthew! It was certainly beautiful on Pine this fall wasn’t it? It looks like the water has come up a little right now – Cedar Run gauge is at 2.35 as I write this response. I’ll probably not get back till late winter now so I wont be winter fishing there for sure. I just hope they get enough snowfall to make up a little for the drought this summer. Take care – UB


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