SRS 2022 Summer Membership Meeting

Yesterday, June 4th, Slate Run Sportsmen held it’s summer meeting at the Brown Township Municipal building. It was well attended with 29 people of which 26 were members ‘in good standing’ thus providing a quorum for the business we discussed.

While the DCNR’s ATV Pilot program officially kicked off last weekend (Memorial Day weekend) we recognize that they are pretty much being told to implement this program which isn’t something the DCNR people on the ground necessarily agree with. If you still want to provide feedback, please consider contacting the DCNR or any state officials & representatives and let them know how you feel about this invasion into the Pine Creek Valley. Search here in the website (for ATV) and you should be able to find contact information (clicking here takes to to that post also: ). Scroll down about 1/2 way to find where you can provide feedback (you’ll see “Do You Want to Provide Feedback Opposing the ATV Trail Expansion?”). If you have any problems though, shoot us an email at and we can help direct you.

We are preparing to attend the music festival over on Kettle Creek in August. It was reported that we think we may have enough volunteers to support this activity. Nice job Joe K. for arranging this.

Chris Firestone, PA State Biologist, presented an excellent program on edible plants – many or which are in the area. I had no idea that White Pine had so many medicinal benefits and could be consumed! Chris informed us about many different plants that were consumable – edible! Several people mentioned after the program how much they liked it.

Chris Firestone informing us about edible plants

We had a fine meal after the presentation provided by the great folks from Brown Township (Denise R. – you always do so great – thank you!)

SRS’s final membership meeting for this season will be September 10th at 10:30 am in the same place, the Brown Township Municipal building (Fire Hall). Greg Hoover is scheduled to present a program which I’m sure will be interesting. Please keep in mind that it will become extremely important for people attending and wanting to eat after the presentation, to RSVP US WELL AHEAD of time in order to assure that there will be enough food for those wanting to eat afterward.

Thank you for attending yesterday’s SRS membership meeting and hope to see you in September.

Till we see each other again, live in Slate Run … UB

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