Slate Run Sportsmen’s Fall 2021 Membership Meeting

We held our 2021-22 season concluding SRS Membership meeting today. It was attended with about 25 members who enjoyed this last regular membership meeting of the calendar year.

While some of our business was abbreviated, we had a long discussion about the ATV Pilot Program that is being implemented by the PA DCNR.

There was much discussion about the DCNR’s Pilot Program but – a little ‘regular’ business that had gotten disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic – the ‘Founder’s Rod’ was presented to SRS member Dave Berkheiser! Congratulations Dave – catch a fish with this rod and, if you can, share a picture with us – all the better. Good luck with it Dave!

2021 SRS Founder’s Rod recipient Dave Berkheiser(right), Diane Baskin(left), SRS President Joe Lemmon(center)

While we held 2 ‘in person’ meetings this past year in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – hopefully we will be able to put this all behind us for the 2022-23 SRS season – time shall tell.

Till we see each other again… SRS members – take care. UB

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