Not a Hair Outta Place Fly Tying Presents – Friday Night Flies

Opening Up

Alright, this is either early or late – sue me, or better yet, fire me.

So, this post could be about, a) communicating with someone and being less reserved, b) businesses opening their doors again in an effort to get back to normal, c) making a trip to the cabin for the first time this year and getting a few little projects out of the way before the serious fishing starts, or d) all the above. Well. I’d like to say d – all the above but it’s c – my trip back to Slate Run to open the cabin for the first time in 2021.

I get north of Waterville just about 4pm and as I approach the 414 turn-off there’s a truck parked cross-wise preventing any traffic from going up 414. The ‘Senior’ gentlemen says there’s a tree down and wiped out all the power going up 414 – as he holds his arms to make the biggest circle he can with them. The car in front of me seems confused and not sure what they’re going to do – I head up 44 and try to not waste any more time. I got into Slate Run about 4:30 pm – I was glad that I’m familiar with the area as I’ve been going to Slate Run for many years. I was satisfied with my arrival time.

But, no power in the place so I really can’t start the water up. Hmm, I proceed to do as much of the process and ready myself when the power does return. With that done, I walk out to the crick and park myself on a stump. As I scan back to the place I notice an brilliant orange and green capped container attached to my outside spigot. Upon further investigation I discover close to 3 dozen flies! “The Neighbor” upstream had mentioned that he was going to send some my way – and by golly, he did!

“The Neighbor’s” flies – so many flies, so little time.

Baetis (BWO) on the left, some Iso’s and maybe pheasant-tails second column, looks like to egg laying spinners at the top, 3rd column is a mixture, 4th column nymphs, and 5th column caddis. The neighbor is a good fly tyer! Note to self: keep “The Neighbor” happy.

Featured flies:

The details on the neighbor’s flies is tremendous! The Baetis in the upper left is amazing – ribbed, great CDC work and a two toned dubbed body! I tie a similar ISO Emerger but his has a rib and ‘legs’ – just a great looking fly! The PT – it’s a double bead head version that’ll sink like a lead balloon! Simply looks great!

Well, the power does return about 6pm, the water gets sorted out. So I hook up the satellite dish modem and turn everything on and login and start checking email. BONK – ok it wasn’t audible but the effect was a BONK! The internet craps out. I do not have a telephone line into the place so the satellite internet is the only way I can communicate from here. It gives me fits the rest of the evening and next morning. A call goes out to the provider and they provide me a phone number to call to get service. They showed up today(Tuesday) and ‘fixed it’. While it isn’t great internet, but beggars can’t be choosers – it’s working.

Saw this varmint close by this morning (Tuesday).

Bushy-tailed rat makes an appearance. Saw one swimming across Pine last summer.

I did see “The Neighbor” ‘s cousin fishing a couple days ago. I think it was tough going, the water’s up a little but cold! A bad day fishing (fill in the blank – several words) ________________ (right?). The action was slow to non-existent.

A little later another fellow came down through the same stretch and had similar results – nothing to show for the effort.

The day after this fishing I did see a lot of little black stoneflies in the air over Pine. No surface action whatsoever, but a lot of flies.

The neighbor said they had seen caddis also. Still, I did not see any surface action to date. It’s coming, get ready!

A BIG thanks to ‘The Neighbor’. He wishes to remain anonymous and so he shall be. You know who you are and I sincerely thank you for the flies. I look forward to many years of sharing experiences here (and flies – it’s my turn to send some your way). If anyone wants to supply me with a few of your flies, I can take pictures like seen above and feature them here – if you want to share their images. Maybe I can feature them hanging on the lip of a big brown trout. That would make for an even better shot. Shoot us an email at if you feel like sharing, flies, thoughts, etc… – comments always welcome here too!

Till we see each other again….. I’m an unintentional blogger – UB

4 thoughts on “Not a Hair Outta Place Fly Tying Presents – Friday Night Flies

    • Those flies are indeed beautiful aren’t they? “The Neighbor” ties great flies for sure. And I presume that you use the flies you tie – and I’ve seen on your website the fish you catch so…. I think you must be doing something right as far as tying! Thanks for the comment Blaine! take care … UB


  1. From a truck blocking 414 like a big Suez carrier halting business as usual, to a power outage & a gift of beautiful flies, I’d say you had a quite a SR welcoming! Glad that things are back to normal there. We’re looking forward to a Slate Run visit very soon.


    • Quite an welcoming indeed! Things seem to be returning to normal, whatever that is. Spitting snow out there now (about 4:30pm Thursday) but is good weather for raking stones out of the grass from the plowing that took place here and for cutting up an old utility pole into 3 or 4 – 6 foot lengths and hauling them into the back yard. Think I’ll go tie some flies this evening :). I’m looking forward to things getting more back to normal this summer hopefully! Maybe we will even be able to visit each other some time this summer? UB


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