How Did We Get Here – Kyle Bunce

I posted Hugh Wenger’s story yesterday and got an email from Kyle Bunce – with his story on how he got to the area. While Kyle is not an SRS member, I’ll shoot him an email and start working on him to see if he’d like to join us. Kyle’s story follows:

I’d like to share my story of how I fell in love with the Pine Creek Valley. My parents paid for me to attend a fly tying class when I was in 8th grade (circa 1989) and I learned the basics (kind of a Willy bugger). I didn’t fly fish for trout until much later, but caught plenty of sunnies and a few bass on poppers over the next five years.

In 1994 I started my freshman year at Mansfield university and started making trips to fish “the hatch” on Pine Creek at the confluence with Cedar Run. I fell in love with the place. I caught plenty of fish on Pine with dry flies and a bunch on Cedar with spin gear but never quite figured out how to catch fish in Cedar or Slate with flies.

I married my beautiful bride in 2000…then kids, coaching youth sports, and real life took over. A few years ago my daughter won a fly rod at a derby at ole bull state park and I got back into it. Kids are older with paid school coaches which has freed up some time. I’ve been fishing “The Stretch” and Upper Pine the last few years but still trying to figure out Cedar and Slate. We camp up there quite a bit so hopefully just a matter of time. Hoping for a good spring….

I think we’re all hoping for a good spring! A great story about the ‘How We …’ Kyle got here. Consider joining us Kyle – I’ll shoot you and email with an invitation and the particulars.

How did you get here? Let us know, shoot us an email with your story or leave a phone number and we’ll get in touch with you and help you tell your story. Again, send us an email at (not a link) and we’ll get in touch with you.

Till next time… UB

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