High Water Homestead Hike!

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When I arrived last Thursday evening the gauge of Pine Creek at Cedar Run was at 1.16 feet. It was about to change. In just a little over 24 hours the greater Slate Run area picked up almost 3″ of badly needed rain. Pine Creek went up to just about 7 feet momentarily Sunday morning (6.98 feet at 7am) as a result. The amount of debris coming down the creek was really something to see.

Then there were the trees!

Pretty amazing what happens when the water rises on Pine Creek.

There was a window of opportunity on Saturday to go for a hike and my fishing buddy and ‘Jack the Wonder Dog’ led the way.

We parked in the ‘wrong’ spot but found our starting point after a little detour.

Saw a bunch of Wintergreen and Mountain laurel along the trail. The berries didn’t seem to have the distinctive aroma of Wintergreen, but the leaves, when crushed, did not disappoint! Our objective was an old homestead some distance back into the woods. Saw this distinct looking pine tree along the way.

When we got to the homestead we found the well and I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised as it was full.

We saw several pine trees that had some very distinct bark. Could they have been ‘Jack pine’?

Well we hit the sweet spot as far as the weather that afternoon – it clouded up on our way out. Temperatures were maybe 50 – 55 degrees. Was a nice short little hike that maybe lasted an hour or so. I’m glad my fishing buddy knows his way around the area woods and we got to share some time out walking through them.

Not sure if I’ll get out fishing anymore this year. Will be packing things up here and shutting the cabin down at the conclusion of this trip. I’m already looking forward to the end of March.

Till we see each other again, live and reporting from Slate Run, I’m an Unintentional Blogger …. aka UB.

2 thoughts on “High Water Homestead Hike!

    • Speaking of dramatic change its snowing like a son of a gun here right now. If I knew how to (or if this is even capable of doing it – the website) I’d send a picture now! It’s only been about 15 minutes and while the grass is still poking through the snow on the ground – it has a really good start to covering it. Ha! I only saw a couple of flakes when I stopped working outside. I’m done now! But to the topic of the hiking day – we hit the window of opportunity pretty well and I’m glad I got to see that well again. I can only imagine how hard it was to live there back in the day. They were some tough people! Thanks for commenting RTR!


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