It’s Your Funeral…(coffin)

I’ve heard that the Green Drakes have arrived to Pine Creek in the Slate Run area. and saw two fluttering in their up and down dance this morning at the cabin. No pictures of them, but I’m certain they were Green Drakes (well ok, maybe they were Brown Drakes… but… a Drake just the same).

I saw this one on the exterior of the door to the deck.

Grey Fox Spinner?

Then I definitely saw a couple Green Drakes fluttering in their up and down dance until the wind blew them away. Ok, maybe they were Brown Drakes as they look so similar – but Drakes just the same. It got quite windy here today. I don’t know how any mayfly could negotiate such strong winds.

So I thought I’d best prepare.

I hope I can interest something before it gets too dark tonight.

Till we see each other again, I’m UB

2 thoughts on “It’s Your Funeral…(coffin)

  1. “Deadly” effect for the Coffin. What material do you use for the body? Is there a green variation of that for the dun? I’ve tried lots of different drake patterns over the years, but for the dun I still prefer Art Flick’s “Grey Fox Variant.”


    • Thanks for commenting! The body is craft foam. Cut into elongated triangles and tied on a needle after some tailing is tied onto the needle. They become a sort of sub-assembly. I’m glad I brought them ( I only had 4 but tied them into the Coffin flies pictured and posted) as there is indeed Green Drakes on Pine now. Thing is, there were a LOT of flies on Pine in the evening – here tonight. I caught most of the fish on what I call the Iso Emerger. I think it’s already in the Flies and Fly Tying Blog.
      Art Flick…. Flicks Streamside Guide….!!! Early in my learning of the way of the Fly… I was introduced to that book. I think Harry told me about it. I was in awe of it – read it and that really started me into the world of entomology and flies and fly tying.


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