Not a Hair Outta Place Fly Tying Presents… Friday Night Flies!

Try to not get your knickers in a bunch as I have been making an adjustment on my extended body tie and wanted to post it – but did not think it was worthy of a posting on it’s own. So, I unpublished the post from Friday and am republishing it here. The last picture shown in this entry displays the posting material (parachute fly post) further rearward on the hook shank – and I like it that way. Thought I’d share it before the weekend came to a close. Hope everyone has been safe, healthy and getting a little more anxious to get out fishing as the temperature got to 60 degrees fahrenheit here today. The ice fishermen out on the lake must not have read the memo, spring is springing. Three sand-hill cranes showed up here in the backyard also! Anyway, apologies for undoing and redoing (republishing) but I think it’s better than issuing a separate post on this one. All content on this post is identical until you get to the last picture/image…. till we ….. UB

It’s been pretty nice weather here as of late. Was it a week or so ago that we were hit hard with the biggest snowstorm of the winter (this winter at least – here where I reside – basically 500 miles west of Pennsylvania)?

Late February – Winter’s Demise?

Well, how things have changed! The sun’s power has been working harder each passing day as it has been slowly melting the snowstorm that hit. The quarter mile gravel driveway is a muddy mess and one can feel it as you drive through it – it’s almost more nerve racking than when we drive on the ice that covers it most of the winter.

I think driving on the ice is preferred over the mud. But, we’ll take the change in the weather.

Let’s get to the post’s topic at hand.

A couple of flies I’ve been tying to get ready for this year’s fishing. I know there’ll be Blue Winged Olives and maybe I’ll get lucky enough to be there when the March Browns get going!

It gets a bit tougher the smaller I tie these extended bodies!

I discovered this method of tying as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post and tribute to Ron Dilbone. I don’t know if he ever tied flies down to size 12 or not but the BWO’s are tied on a size 16 and the March Browns on a size 14 TMC 2488.

I think I need to take more ‘poorer’ quality pictures or stop post processing with sharpening them or something! My defects are showing up too much!

Man! I can’t get away with anything as the macro photography is starting to show the details of my ‘less than perfect’ tying! If I tied more perfect though, would I have to change the moniker ‘Not a Hair Outta Place Fly Tying’? The BWO has tailing that is crinkled at the very tips of it and, as you can see – this picture of the March Brown above, shows that I colored the tailing as it comes out of the extended body! Dang… Hopefully the fish wont care though. The BWO IS a BWO and the picture didn’t represent the color of the extended body so well. I “colored” the extended body and in real life it appears a lot more olive than what is showing in the picture.

Send me your flies, send me your pictures, send me your down-trodden…. no, scratch the down-trodden, just send me your flies you’re tying (or pictures of them) and I’ll post them up in here. (send what you want to

Till we see each other again … I got to get downstairs and get back to tying… UB


A ‘Proper’ March Brown tie?

A Gamakatsu C-13U hook was used in this case. I had received them just a day ago and had tied larger things with it several years ago. This hook is a size 14 C-13 U. Like I said above, I’m liking this version much better. I used a light yellow marker on a tan foam for the abdomen. Then after tying I added touches of brown marker on on the sides and top. This hook’s wire is a bit finer than the TMC shown above. However, I did catch many large brown trout from the Brown Trout Club on a size 12 years ago so I’m hoping this size 14 will hold up too. UB

4 thoughts on “Not a Hair Outta Place Fly Tying Presents… Friday Night Flies!

    • Thanks Jed! The more I look at them, the more I think I’ve got to get more in the practice of moving or attaching that post further rearward. Ah, I think they’ll still catch a few fish though. Thanks for commenting Jed! UB


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