Founder’s Rod 2023

Slate Run Sportsmen held their Spring 2023 Regular Membership meeting yesterday, Saturday March 25, 2023. After calling the meeting to order shortly after 10:30 we heard a stirring, heart-felt memorial written and delivered by longtime member and SRS Trustee Walt Franklin. I know it made me reflect on my association with Joe Lemmon, our past President. A few people shared their reflections with Joe and we moved on to the regular business of the club. I was glad that I didn’t have to follow Walt as it was a great tribute and following such a presentation would have been difficult for me. Thankfully we conducted some regular business and pushed on.

We got through some Old Business with updates on the ATV issue and also had an update about creating the couple of parking spots at the Seven-Mile area on Slate Run. We also discussed restocking some of our SRS Merchandise, specifically Tee-Shirts. Pricing to be gotten and we’ll move on from there.

We also got the passing down of the Founder’s Rod back on track and taking place at our Spring Regular Membership meeting. Dave Berkheiser had it this past stint. Ethan Albright, Slate Run Tackle Guide and avid Fly Fisherman received the rod this year. I know he’ll put it through it’s paces and I hope we’ll see some of his experiences with it over the coming year.

Dave Berkheiser passing SRS Founder’s Rod off to Ethan Albright – March 2023

Congratulations Ethan!

Live from Slate Run…… UB

5 thoughts on “Founder’s Rod 2023

    • Yep, Doc was Dutch’s Father. And Dutch – L.W.Z. Fetter ;). Baffled me for a little while but found out from George D. that the Z came from including his Mother’s maiden name in his (Dutch’s). Anyway, thanks for that wonderful memorial to Joe also Walt! UB


    • Thanks Debbie – but to be clear, the official newsletter of Slate Run Sportsmen is the “Slate Drake” and these posts here are considered blog posts. Just to nit-pick. Thank you for commenting, we don’t get a lot of them and it lets me know people are actually reading them. Hopefully the posts inform those that email follow what I’m observing here at that time of the posting. Take care and thanks again for commenting. UB


  1. Good job, UB, but you undersold yourself. Readers of this blog (who weren’t at the meeting)
    should know that your featured presentation on the fishing diaries of Dutch Werner was an excellent program that delighted & impressed the audience. Your detailed analysis of the fishing diaries was fun to listen to & think about.


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