Going to the Birds!

Well, it has been a more stressful past couple of years hasn’t it…. relativity speaking? Don’t get too excited folks as this is just a post about the birds that I usually see around the bird feeders at our home. I’ve been known to do this a time or two a year. So, if birds aren’t your thing, please see yourself out. I will share with you that a fly tying post will be forthcoming in a couple of days. So hang in there. Hey, I needed something to do while we wait for the refrigerator repair guy to show up. He didn’t show on a previous scheduled day that was set up 2 1/2 weeks ago already so…. you get the idea. Living without the fridge may have been alright a hundred years ago – but it’s not 1922 now is it?

So firstly, a couple ‘of the regulars’.

Had this visitor back in December before the snow showed up. Probably looking for a snack at the bird feeders.

Well hello Bob! (and it’s not ‘The Neighbor’s cousin)

More of the regulars.

I’ve learned that taking the picture of a Junco is easy compared to getting the right exposure to be able to display their features very well. I’ve been playing around with Junco pictures for a couple of years and these are about as good as I can get (and I’ve processed the heck out of these to get them to this state – not great but better than right out of the camera).

The Flicker’s been a regular this past winter. Not so much the past few winter’s but this one – he’s been a regular. This one seems to be a big specimen – appearing a little larger than some, if not most of the Red Breasted Woodpeckers I had here this year.

Just a reminder, when you’re out in the woods – “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow”! A little FZ reference there for Walt and Dave ;)! I had heard Excentrifugal Force a little earlier so I had to throw that in for good measure.

Frank Zappa said “Watch out where the huskies go, and …”

…” don’t you eat that yellow snow!” Pretty sure this wasn’t the result of huskies’ doing their business but rather white-tailed deer. Enough of the Frank Zappa reference.

Jay and Downy.

I haven’t seen many Hairy Woodpeckers this winter. They look almost identical to a Downy but are a larger bird. I can only estimate that they are Hairy’s as I try to get some scale when they land on the suet block feeder.

Lastly, a visitor I’ve featured in the past and has become quite a favorite when sighted – the Red-Headed Woodpecker.

I’m starting to see the limits of my photography skills I believe. Things may look ‘ok’ here in the website but I can see a LOT of poor resolution when I process these images. I don’t think I can afford the proper equipment to rectify the situation at this time so, I have to make do with what I got. Hopefully this display on the SRS website isn’t too egregious.

Till we see each other again…. which will be this Friday night as I have a fly to share then…. UB

7 thoughts on “Going to the Birds!

  1. Thanks for packin’ in a lot of feathered fun here, UB! Enjoyed yr birdz, especially that amazing red-headed series. And a furry Bob who stalked yr feeders in December. Didn’t realize you were living near a wildcat wood, with huskies (or whitetails) staining the snow deposits & giving further inspiration for some FZ toonage! Way to listen…
    Glad to see you’ve been experimentin’ with the junco pics, the little “snowbirds” (white/snowy on bottom, gray/cloudy on top). I’ve had a large flock of ’em at my feeders this season. As for your “red-breasted w’pecker,” I think most field guides refer to them as “red-BELLIED w’peckers” but that’s just a quibble since their breasts/bellies are hardly red at all. Their bottoms might be slightly reddish, but one has to wonder how these friendly buggers got that apellation.
    Anyway, keep ’em coming, UB.


    • We live about 1/4 mile off the main road. It’s wild enough back here – nice and quite and I like it very much. Look at my response to Ronald Wagner – ditto what I said there. Regarding the Red-Bellied Woodpecker, I’d point out that I think the ‘red-bellied’ is a stretch regarding two features on the bird. The red doesn’t seem to be on the belly and it seems to be a more rusty red to me instead of a typical red. Ah, so what. But the napes of them – especially the males, quite brilliant! The bobcat was a complete surprise! We were hanging out on a Sunday afternoon and it strolled by like it own the place! Wait a second, it does – along with every other creature that lives in the area! edit-addition: Maybe I’ll get serious about photo quality someday – but not today unfortunately. Thanks for commenting RTR – UB


  2. Missed ID. White breasted Nuthatch, Red bellied Woodpecker. The Red headed Woodpecker I am jealous.
    Principal Ornithologist for Environmental firm. Not a member. Occasional Flyfisher.


    • Thank you for the corrections! Yep – I’ve been using the Audubon Society as a reference and I haven’t referenced it in a few years. It’s the Red-Bellied Woodpecker and the White Breasted Nuthatch. I thought for sure that the Nuthatch was also called a ‘Common’ Nuthatch but I sit here corrected! Thanks for pointing out the error and contributing the correct names. You don’t have to be a member to leave comments. Just how ‘occasional’ a fly fisher are you? That can be corrected you know ;). Thank you very much for commenting and straightening me out. I only may be a Jack of all trades but surely I’m a master of none! UB edit add: I do apologize for incorrectly identifying the birds posted.


    • Lately occasional flyfisher, from 2003 to 2018, fifteen years in the Cabelas Fly Shop as a fishing outfitter/sales associate, now retired.
      Before Cabelas, Biologist for almost 30 years for Environmental firms.


      • Wow, some related experience there I suppose. May I ask what state did you work at Cabela’s? I know they’re all over – one here in MI and I know there’s one in Hamburg PA, of course NE (and I’m sure several more locations). So, am just curious but if your not comfortable with sharing that in a comment shoot us an email – the SRS email – slaterunsportsmen@gmail.com. Guess I’m curious what you would consider your ‘home waters’ would be? Ah, no matter –

          thanks for making comment here at the SRS website

        , it’s much appreciated. UB


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