Founder’s Rod 2021 Style!

With all the crap that has happened over the past 18 months (dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic), the Founder’s Rod award was postponed for quite some time. However, we got together for the final SRS membership meeting of 2021 on September 11 and awarded it to Dave Berkheiser! Congratulations Dave! Because of the delay in awarding the rod this year, this term of possession will last until the Spring 2023 SRS Membership Meeting.

2021 SRS Founder’s Rod award winner is Dave Berkheiser! Pictured above (l to r) Diane Baskin, SRS President Joe Lemmon, and Dave Berkheiser.

Joe mentioned that it may take a 7 weight line and I thought I had heard sometime at a past award that it may be a 6 weight. Good luck with it Dave!

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