It Starts Now for Me

I’ve been back for a couple of days and ‘The Neighbor’ has already harassed me about getting out and doing some fishing. Well, today the weather cooperated and I was able to get out for a few hours.

‘A Spot’

It looks pretty typical for up here in the mountains – a free-stone stream that could be anywhere.

Looks like the Skunk-cabbage is starting its growing season.

I really didn’t see anything rising so I had initially put on a Grey/CDC Puff-ball of an emerger thinking that’d entice something to the surface. It did not.

I saw this guy at my place a day ago.

It seems a little small to be a Hendrickson but I could be wrong I suppose. It’s definitely 3 tailed and the middle tail looked shorter than the 2 outboard ones. This specimen was on Pine Creek.

I was not fishing Pine Creek but I thought I’d try a Hendrickson as it’s that time of year. I had a few Comparaduns – more precisely a ‘Sparkle Dun’ – a comparadun with an trailing shuck.

That little Brookie seemed ok with it – as was this Brookie.

I believe it’s about a 9″ Broookie. Not a bad fish at all where I was fishing. It’s color in the Springtime was pretty impressive I thought.

So I’m minding my own business when this guy or gal showed up!

Unexpected Visitor – 3:30-ish pm.

It didn’t seem to be frothing at the mouth so I wasn’t too worried.

When I was on my way back I picked up a ‘hitch-hiker’.

I think it’s a Red Quill Spinner – I could be wrong. Talk about long tails!

But the highlight of the afternoon came, actually, at the beginning of the fishing. It wasn’t a hard take, not a splashy engulfing of the fly – it was just a simple sucking in of a potential snack.

I think this is the largest fish I’ve caught were I don’t think the Brown Trout Club fish get to. I could be wrong about this also but, I’d like to think it was a Wild Trout! It doesn’t really matter as it was a great fish. I had taken another picture to try to get a sense of it’s scale. I think it’s safe to say this was a 15″ Brown. 16″ might be pushing it, but it’s safe to say that this is the largest fish I’ve caught at ‘The Spot’.

It was a beautiful day here in Slate Run – not as conducive to catching big trout on the surface. I’m glad this guy didn’t get the memo.

Reporting from Slate Run… till we see each other again… I’m an Unintentional Blogger… aka UB

3 thoughts on “It Starts Now for Me

    • Hopefully you are having a great time also RTR! I’ve got this gnawing feeling as I’ve got to address a couple of tractor tires back home – but the fish today gave me temporary amnesia regarding that issue. 🙂 Be safe in your travels back home. UB


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