So, I was just complaining about…

Not seeing bugs here at the place! Well, a couple flew my way and this is the result.

First things first – I saw this guy/gal hanging around…

He/she wasn’t too concerned with me.

But, you are here for some bugs. And a few I saw – headed my way, and as a result I was able to get their images for the record.

So I was ecstatic! Then another landed! I was just complaining that I haven’t seen bugs (to take photos of) and bugs came my way! The male in the above ‘gallery’ was more of a size 14 and the female below was a 12 I think. There was a distinct size difference between the two and the female was larger.

A third one landed on the side of our place and I got a few snaps of it!

I am pretty sure (but please correct me if I’m not) these are Grey Fox. I don’t ‘think’ they are Light Cahills as it is way to early for them – but heck, I could be wrong – this spring is anything but typical!

So, after I just had observed/complained that I hadn’t seen very many bugs to post… here they came! Don’t want to get into the habit of complaining but… if that’s what it takes… eh? Dare I say what I ‘thought’ I saw (murmuring Green Drake) drifting past our place this evening? I could be totally off on this folks. But the bug that floated by, I thought had a distinctive white body!

Till we see each other again… (June 12th – Brown Twp. Fire Hall… 10:30 am – SRS Spring/Summer Meeting – RSVP BUY June 5th to… I’m an ‘Unintentional Blogger’…. aka… UB

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