PA E-Bike Usage Expansion Proposed – Your Chance to Email DCNR to Comment

It’s been brought to our attention that the PA DCNR are seeking public comment on their proposed expansion of E-Bike use on DCNR properties. For those of you Email Followers that either reside or frequent this area in Pennsylvania, you may want to read on and express your opinion on this matter.

This link – – will take you to the 7-25-2021 announcement of the “DCNR Seeking Comment on Draft E-bike Policy” post. This link will allow you to see everything the DCNR has released regarding this issue. This post is only a brief summary of this proposal.

If you scroll down to the bottom 1/3 of the post you will see this email address where you can leave comment: (please note that you can not click on this email address – copy and paste it into your email service to send to the DCNR). They are only taking comments until August 31, 2022 – so if you want to make your thoughts known, leave comment before then!

In the DCNR posting, this link – – takes you to a “Frequently Asked Questions” page about this proposed policy expansion.

Just to summarize a few points about the proposal – it appears that e-bikes will be limited to 100 pounds, can not go faster than 20 miles per hour, have a motor of 750 watts or less, and have “fully functional, operable pedals”.

Something that I’ve not seen on the Rail Trail here in Slate Run – any enforcement of restricting the use of any E-bike to class 1 as it’s posted currently on DCNR trail signs. I don’t know how the DCNR will be able to police the proposed expanded use that this policy is proposing. I haven’t seen or heard of any expansion of DCNR staff to be able to implement this policy (or for that matter the ATV Pilot Program). So without added staff dedicated to enforcing the this new E-bike usage, I don’t see how they’ll enforce it (OR the ATV expanded use).

You may want to also write or email your local, State Representatives and Senate members. Here’s a link to find out who they are in your area:

For your State Representatives: ( after you click on the link below, scroll down on that page to select your county or use the map below that)

And to find your Senator: (as of this posting I think they are Casey and Toomey)

If you have ANY thoughts about the expansion of E-bike use, please consider emailing or writing the DCNR, your Representatives and Senators. And any comment to the PA DCNR needs to be emailed before August 31, 2022.

I’m going to post this in the “Summer” BLOG category – so all you Email Subscribers will see this as it gets published – and I’m going to add this to the “Area Issues” page of the main menu also for future reference. This may take me a couple of days before it will be viewable in “Area Issues”.

Thanks for your consideration.

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