4-12-2020: Happy Easter – Unfortunately This is Not a Fishing Report!

First of all, Happy Easter!

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Well, the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. The ‘Stay at Home’ orders across the states vary a bit I think. We, in the state where I reside, were initially allowed to travel to second homes or properties owned. Not so anymore. Therefore I am not ‘allowed’ to travel and will not get to Slate Run any time soon to my thinking. Things could be worse so I will try to remind myself that ‘I should have it so good’. I’ll count my lucky stars as not everyone has it as good as my situation – back off the main road about a quarter mile and away from large cities. I think those that do live in large cities must be more stressed out by all this happening, understandably I suppose.

So, (I was going somewhere with this and got side-tracked – apologies) our stay-at-home orders still allow for people to go take a hike – while maintaining social distancing. As indicated in this title, this is not fishing report but I have heard of a few that have taken advantage of the early opening to the trout season in Pennsylvania. They did alright too, catching a few fish while enjoying the experience of getting out and about. But all I can muster is a walk/hike around the trail I maintain here that encompasses ‘The Hill’.

Still, it wasn’t a bad hike. I got to be outside here before it clouded up too much.

This guy (or gal) was kind enough to allow my to take it’s picture before fluttering off to who knows where. (Googled – is it a Question Mark butterfly??)

Question Mark Butterfly? That IS the question!

The blow-downs haven’t disappeared.

This tree was featured in the 2-20-2020 blog post here in the website.

I’m not sure what species this tree is/was. If anyone has a clue, please let me know. It has interesting bark though to my way of thinking. I tried to take a picture of up in the middle of it’s cross-section to see if it was hollow. Not sure that it is hollow based on my pictures and thus I’m not sure why this seemingly health tree snapped off this past winter.

Not too far from this tree I saw some pretty little flowers blooming.

Liverwort Family?
Hepataca Hepatica americana ? Liverwort??

A quick search in google – were the flowers I saw Liverwort? Looks like they also go by Round-lobed hebatica or liverleaf. From michiganflora.net: “Rich beech-maple forests, as for H. acutiloba, but more often associated on drier sites with aspen, oak, hickory, pine, or even with spruce or cedar.” I found our specimens surrounded by a shagbark hickory stand.

Its not a very long perimeter around our ‘hill’. But it has gotten me out a bit over the past few weeks. This is a good thing. Sitting around stewing about is not good for anyone!

So the point to all this was hidden somewhere in the beginnings of this post (probably too well hidden). The point is, get out! Get out and walk, hike, fish, ‘all the above’, unless there are restrictions in place that limit this activity. But if you are allowed, and practice your ‘social distancing’, it will do you good to move around and try to take in the great distraction that is nature!

Civilization – aka the end of the trail

(the picture my wife allows me to post of her on the trail 😉 )

Take care everyone, hang in there. Till next time, I’m the Unintentional Blogger.

2 thoughts on “4-12-2020: Happy Easter – Unfortunately This is Not a Fishing Report!

    • I don’t think its a shagbark as I have many on the ‘Hill’ and this thing looks different than those. I’ll get a couple of pics when I can. They’re calling for some nasty weather here over the next day or so. I’ll get a pic and get it posted – the bark on those really shows itself as peeling off. Maybe a ‘Pignnut’ Hickory? I’ll have to look in my book. Day was fine – take care. UB


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