Meteorological or Astronomical… Fall?

I’ve been back in Slate Run now for a few days and have things pretty much caught up. So I decided to take a drive up into the mountains. We recently got a new (one year old) vehicle and I thought I’d break it in by driving up to Cushman Vista.

Just as a I turned onto Cushman Road, that goes up the mountain to the vista, I saw a rather large pile of bear dug! They are in the area and seem to be gorging themselves on berries of some sort.

I’ve been going to Cushman View for many years now. I can’t seem to get enough of the view. Several years ago someone by the name of Mick passed away and a little memorial now perches there. One time while I was enjoying the view, another person stopped and said they knew him and stated that Mick just loved Cushman Vista – A LOT. I have my own reasons of course, but I think I understand why.

Although the skies were not misty, there was a consistent cloud deck this day – a relatively uniform grey to the sky.

Cushman Vista/View on a overcast first day of September – 2020.

The meteorological seasons are divided in to three month chunks. Meteorological fall starts September 1st. Astronomical seasons start on the equinox or solstice – anytime between the 19th to the 22nd of the given month. I think meteorological fall is pushing its luck a little. Saw these two splashes of color at the vista.

Flashback to the evening before – I had plans on walking down to Little Slate when I saw a familiar face and stopped to chat a bit. Ok, the chat went on a little longer than I expected and so it was close enough to dark that I thought best to walk back to the cabin. Along the way…

Saw this guy or gal! I must have been about 20 feet from the very calm beast – it wasn’t startled at all! Looks like a good healthy fawn – in full spot. The spots should fade soon.

Then there was the tree up there on the top of the mountain just as I was leaving.

Now its very likely that these trees might have been affected by the drought and have turned a little bit ahead of schedule since its been so dry. So I say, ‘Don’t push it meteorological Fall!’. Even if its been pretty dry, I’m not ready for the snow to fly.

Even in these times, everything isn’t a pile of…

Try to remember that!

We have some time yet till things get sorted out, but we’ll get there. Hang in there folks!

As far as fall goes, I’m more in the boat of astronomical fall! I’d prefer to have some more moderate, temperate weather the remainder of this year. Sure could use the rain in the area though. While the trees may be turning in the very initial stages, fall isn’t here yet! I’m ok with that – but would sure like to leave the 90+ degree days and humidity behind me for this year.

Till we see each other again… UB

4 thoughts on “Meteorological or Astronomical… Fall?

  1. Hello UB:
    My fishing buddies and I enjoy your writing and photos.. I forward the newsletters to them.. One lives nearby, the other lives in California where it’s REALLY dry.. Thanks again..
    Bob Foresti
    Syracuse, NY


  2. Way to keep “on top” of things, UB. Here at home I’ll take the meteorological view that a bit of needed rain & a sharper tinge to the air are signs of better things to come. We’ll see, but thanks for your SR (& Cushman) updates.


    • Thank you RTR! Yes, the water is so low! Poor trout must be struggling to keep their head’s below water for certain. I last fished in early August, here, but think better of it right now and hope that more rain is on the way so we might fish when the water levels are higher. So, other things shall fill the time here I suppose. It’s not a bad thing really – any time in the area just relaxes me! Part of the appeal of the place for sure! take care – UB


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