2-15-2020: An Uncommon Visitor

Last year we had a Red-headed woodpecker that visited our feeder on a regular basis. I actually think there were at least 2 that fed freely here. One was  immature as I could see evidence of some brown-ish feathers adorning the bird. This year, much to my chagrin,  no Red-headed woodpecker.

But there was a visitor today that’s been somewhat uncommon at the feeders – a male Northern Flicker

Flicker Poised-SC-IMG_3804

This may not have been the only sighting over the past couple of weeks. According to Wikipedia and All About Birds web sites they are year round residents. I had the camera within reach this sighting and was able to actually change lenses before I snapped several shots. But then …

Flicker Flees-SC-IMG_3817

… talk about a lucky shot! This pretty much defines it!

Till next time…  UB

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