This Is What Stressed Trout Look Like

Slate Run Sportsmen was formed with the intention to make Slate Run a Fly Fishing Only stream. That goal was attained with a lot of hard work by the founding members. The Brown Trout Club (BTC) was formed relatively recently and I believe many of my fellow SRS members also support this endeavor.

At this time of year, the fish stocked by the BTC are suffering if they do not find a cold water source. By what I see, even if they do find a cold water supply, they are still suffering. When they find one, it isn’t always a pretty sight.

Group 1 of 3 – Stacked like cord wood.

Wherever there is a cold water run out of the mountains, the BTC fish seek its oxygenated waters. There’s a few places along the stretch where fish are congregating like this.

Group 2 – No less stacked.

And while it may be legal to fish over these fish, doing so will probably kill them.

Stressed beyond hope.

They are having as difficult a time as it gets for a trout to survive at these feeder outlets into Pine Creek. Piles of trout are converging on these locations and there simply is not enough oxygen in the feeder outlet to sustain the quantity of fish trying to keep their heads below water.

No time left for cooling rain to save this trout.

This is a no kill stretch of Pine Creek. If you fish over these fish now, you will undoubtedly kill them. If a DCNR person sees you doing this, you could possibly be fined.

It might be a good idea to leave these fish alone and hope that they get some cooing rains soon or there may be no more BTC trout left in Pine Creek from the stockings that occurred earlier this year.

No time left number 2.

I saw a couple of dozen dead trout in one spot – one evening. There are reports of perhaps up to one hundred fish witnessed to be floating belly up this past week.

If we can leave these fish alone, maybe we’ll get lucky and some may survive. I’ve got to admit, it’s looking pretty bleak at this point.

Targeting bass in Pine Creek would be a good idea at this time – this particular year. I’ve heard that poppers plopped down and retrieve across the little current there is has gotten some attention with bass and walleye being caught with this presentation.

Let’s pray for some rain for the Pine Creek Valley.

Till we see each other again… UB

2 thoughts on “This Is What Stressed Trout Look Like

  1. Great, if distressing, photos. Much of Pennsylvania has received too much water this summer, from hurricanes and large storm systems. It’s sad that the Pine Creek Valley hasn’t gotten its share. UB always takes the time to write informative posts. SRS members should be glad that he shares his experiences.


    • Thank you Mr. Morgan, for the kind words. What I forgot to state in the original post was that Jed, from Slate Run Tackle, was taking water temperatures down there in the cool flow and above it. In the flow, if I remember correctly, it was 72 to 75 degrees, and above it, 78 degrees. They, the trout, need some help. If all we have to do is ‘nothing’, as in leave them alone, then we should seriously consider that. Thanks for commenting Mr. Morgan! UB

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