This Shall Not Wait!

Gr… Grr… Grrrr…..Green DRAKES! It’s enough to make a grown man stutter! Please do NOT take this as official notification that the Green Drakes are hatching in earnest. We have captured ONE, and have been able to photograph it. What does it mean? Well, maybe they’re coming!

Feels like I’ve posted a few items in a short time – true. But this can not hold off. I am suspecting ‘The Neighbor’ dropped off a specimen either late last evening (I did hear a disturbance outside in the dark – lights on, saw nothing), or earlier this morning. Probably the latter. I’m not sure where he got it yet but suspect it came from Pine Creek upstream of the store (this has been confirmed after speaking with him a short while ago).

If you’ve ever bought flies at the shop, you will recognize the cup the fly is in. You know the basic size folks – it filled the cup!

There have been more flies (not Green Drakes) show up during the day today (Monday-5-24).

I’ve seen several Grey Fox at the place today. Also got what I believe to be a Grey Fox Spinner. Then there was that dark spinner – a mystery spinner to me.

Back to the Green Drake –

A shout out of thanks to ‘The Neighbor’ for capturing such a perfect sample of the Green Drake and delivering it to me for the photos! It may seem like I’m going over-board about this particular fly but, this fly can really turn trout on at times, and absolutely turns on those of us who pursue trout – even more! Posts like this are merely intended to inform all of you about what is observed here and now. This specimen was a male – a female Green Drake may present different dimensions. Certainly there can be variation from fly to fly also. However, this should provide us with a baseline or at least a starting point as far as what you may encounter out on Pine this year.

Even though I’ve been able to get pictures of a bunch a flies over the past day or so – I have NOT observed any steady, reliable ‘fish rising’ to these bugs! This has been a somewhat frustrating spring hasn’t it? Fingers crossed – maybe things will change ‘for the better’ for us fishers of the fly… soon!

Till we see each other again….. UB

2 thoughts on “This Shall Not Wait!

    • Indeed I have RTR! Last night and tonight…. I took some video of the spinners floating/flying upstream tonight! It was a sight to see… simply amazing. As expected, the fishing got really good right at dusk. It was interesting tonight – I caught a fish on a Grey Fox/Sulphur Emerger, a March Brown/Grey Fox foam extended body, and the Coffin Fly Foam Extended body that I tie. I think I caught somewheres (my best Pittsburgian voice) around a dozen fish out front this evening/tonight. Last fish on the Coffin but took a little work. There must have been so many to choose from that after at least a half dozen of my offerings, the Brown took. Was a nice way to end the night. Anyway, the Green Drakes/Coffin Flies ad in earnest right now! Who knows how many days that’ll last!?!? Take care RTR…………. UB


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