Resolution: From – “a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group”.

I think the ‘….formal expression of intention made’ part is where making New Year’s resolutions may fall under the definition.

One of my resolutions that roll around in the back of my head is… I think I’ve got to do better.

When I threw my hat into the ring to support the SRS website, I didn’t have a clue as to what it meant to to run it. Creating content for a website seems to be the name of the game & updates are part of the game.

Don’t know if I’m experiencing a ‘Sophomore slump’ (which technically isn’t a ‘sophomore’ slump as this is happening 5 years after I took over the SRS website – in my opinion) but I definitely felt like I didn’t report as much about my observations when I was back visiting Slate Run this past year compared to past years (can’t blame Covid!). So, I’ve got to do a little better… next year (this year as it’s 01JAN2023 now). Oh there’s other resolutions I’ll need to address, but for Slate Run Sportsmen, updating the website on a more regular basis, working on the SRS By-Laws a little with John over the winter, maybe contacting specific people for the “How We Got Here” tab in the BLOG section, and a few other things should keep me busy enough I suppose.

I realize that I’m starting to sound like ‘a broken record’ when I ask for anyone to submit material for this website, but if any SRS member would like to submit some pictures and/or a story to post here in YOUR SRS website, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to work towards getting that material posted.

Longtime SRS member Dan Helm passed away this past year, he and Mike B. had submitted some material in the past. My fishing buddy, Harry, has supplied me with a few pictures and Jed Grove and Hugh W. had told their story on how they got here. I know ‘The Neighbor’ gave me some flies once that I posted some pictures of and there’s probably a few more people who have given me some pictures that I’m forgetting to mention here. However that isn’t a lot of material submitted over the past 5 years. So (the broken record starts again)… if any SRS member would like to submit some pictures and/or a story to post here in YOUR SRS website, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to work towards getting that material posted.

As I was writing this the ‘brains of the outfit’ here asked “What can you do differently?”. A novel thought as the definition for insanity is to repeat what you’re doing and expecting different results. I came back with this snappy response – I need to start contacting people directly and asking if they have anything they’d like to share with other SRS Members here on the website. I can work with anyone willing and help create a post and try to get more material out here on our website. Maybe it’ll be a ‘How We Got Here’ story or something else. Hmmm there’s an idea!

But for the most part, I report on, or I like to think I report on, what I’m seeing as far as fly activity on Pine Creek and Slate Run when I visit there. I hope this helps any of our members who visit and go fishing in the area. But I’ve got to do better here in 2023.

A gift to me this year after an unfortunate fall – I probably should resolve to be a little more careful this year!

We’ll continue to keep on top of any new news dealing with the ATV trails expansion issue and post here on the website and issues that we’re alerted to that affect our area. I think the Little Pine Dam issue has subsided as I believe the interest from those that wanted to pursue putting in electrical generation – their interest has at least seemingly diminished. It appears that the ATV group has gotten (at least a Pilot approved) trail up along route 44 in the Black Forest area. I hope the people in Black Forest don’t have the issues like they do over in Germania – time will tell I suppose. I believe that the ATV group is or has been trying to get approval for road usage on the forestry roads and maybe even the township or county roads. This would really negatively impact the area and we hope that this does not happen.

On a lighter note… the weather – unless you’re in the Buffalo, NY area. We’ve had a couple of snowstorms this season. Nothing like Buffalo, NY thankfully, but there was one before Thanksgiving ( I was in Slate Run at the time) and one just before Christmas which gave us a white one. We had a nice Christmas holiday but I’m already looking forward to spring – I know I’m pushing a bit. My fishing buddy (Harry) once said (and this was either on a past December 21st or 22nd) something to the effect: “You know the days are getting longer now!”. He’s right of course, but we do have to get through the delayed effect which is called winter though.

Sate Run Ornament 2022

And now, the week between Christmas and New Year’s it’s been in the 50s! As I write this (a few days before the New Year) 99% of the snow has melted away! Wow, seems like extremes happening concerning the weather.

Well I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas Holiday and we on the SRS Board wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Until we see each other again… UB

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