Something’s Bugging Me…!!!

Hey, I meant to include this in the ‘Last SRS Meeting…’ post published yesterday evening – but forgot. It was late last evening and I knew I wanted to get that post published and out – I was visiting a couple of friends and was a little later than I expected to be back here to publish it so – it happens (Thank you Dave B. & Diane B. for the visit).

But here is what’s bugging me:

Are those white cuffs on those gloves?

Regarding the above image, the ‘white cuffs’ comment intends to refer to the ‘White Gloved Howdy’ – one of the Isonychia bicolor (aka Slate Drake) nicknames. This next image (below) is not actually the other side of the fly but just a little photo editing trickery – I flipped the image to have it appear like it’s the other side of the fly. I was getting tired of looking at the right side profile.

A late Slate Drake?

I’ve heard they sporadically hatch throughout the summer. Is it possible this one decided to fly by for a visit to my place?

Well, I’ve fished them into November thinking that there’s an ‘off chance’ that they could still be around and I’ve had a few hits on them at that time too. It’s not like the fish were keyed in on it, but they took notice – perhaps just being the opportunistic creatures they are.

I’m not 100% sure if this is a male or female. On the pictures I took, I didn’t see the typical claspers that I’ve see say on a March Brown. The eyes are relatively large, but that isn’t a 100% indicator of sexual identification I don’t think (that it would be a male).

Ok, I’ve already stuck 2 more pictures into this post than I originally intended! Enough!

I had intended to include this last evening and forgot, thus it’s here now published so soon after the other one. If we continue to get some water in the creeks in the form of rain with a bit more regularly, there may still be fishing opportunities in the area to enjoy.

Till we… you know the rest. UB

2 thoughts on “Something’s Bugging Me…!!!

    • Thank you RTR! I’m not as satisfied with the eagle pictures versus the fly pictures. However, I am working within the limitations of the equipment and/or my personal abilities. Still, people can get the idea with them. I’ll shoot you an email sometime with a few more details of the meeting. Was nice for the drake to show up wasn’t it? Hahaa! Take care and hope you’re recovery is proceeding well. UB


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