5-11-2020 A Couple of Old Spinsters

I’ve finally gotten to tying some flies again! And I can tell that I’ve taken a long break from it. I got an idea a few weeks ago and have pursued that project, which required me to tie a few to send off.

Hopefully these might come in handy to the ‘patient’.

Hendrickson Spinner – Spinster #1
The ‘MSS’ – A March Brown Deviant, I mean Derivation – getting ready for the ‘script’!

I know the backgrounds are ‘busy’. I’m ‘at the cabin’ right now so no light-box to take their pictures. I usually consider the backgrounds and use some sort of solid color or material. But I’m at the cabin and there’s a little subliminal message in the backgrounds as they are.

Till we see each other again – UB

2 thoughts on “5-11-2020 A Couple of Old Spinsters

    • Thank you for the compliment on the proportions. I tied several before I allowed myself to send someone a ‘prescription’. Mailed from Waterville, they told me 3 to 5 business days delivery, possibly. If you look too close you’ll see variation/s. I really got to tie more ! Ha! Got to leave tomorrow but I’m coming back Friday. Looking forward to a bit warmer temperatures which is suppose to happen around then. Time will tell.


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