A Brief History of Slate Run Sportsmen:

Slate Run Sportsmen was formally created in 1954. Several people gathered together on a somewhat regular basis at the old Hotel Manor and shared their collective disappointment with the fishing in Slate Run. The situation had degraded to a point where Slate Run was no longer a high quality trout stream. They decided to take matters into their own hands to improve the situation.

Curvin Bonner, Eddie Haines, George Durrwachter, Grant Larimer, Horace Hand, and Dr. Luther W. Fetter held discussions which resulted in addressing the best way to make improvements to Slate Run. It was decided that making Slate Run a Fly Fishing Only stream would improve the fishing experience there. With persistence the organization grew in numbers that developed into a membership size that could get the attention of the Fish Commission. There were many obstacles, including the Lycoming County Fish Commissioner at the time, Maynard Bogart, but this did not deter these men.

The main objection Mr. Bogart had to making Slate Run a Fly Fishing Only stream was its implied unfairness to the children and seniors who fished with bait. After it was shown to him that access was tough – that children and seniors were less likely to fish Slate Run because of its difficult access, Mr. Bogart’s position modified.

In 1961, Slate Run became a Fly Fishing Only stream. This stream designation has been at the core of our Mission statement and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. There have been many officers, members, and people that have contributed to the club over the years. Slate Run Sportsmen will remain viable and significant as long as someone cares about this special place. We invite you to join us.