Probably too late, but…

Just a quick post to mention that I saw these our place Friday – I think they’re Grey Fox Spinners. Now that it’s Sunday, I don’t know if they’ve ‘come down’ and laid eggs or not as I’ve departed the area for a few days.

Some pictures…

Body is close to 5 mm, the tails are at least 5 mm and I think longer. Wings I’m guessing are greater than 5 mm also. I believe this was a female as I do not see any claspers and the eyes are not really large, usually two things that can depict male from female in mayflies.

Just a quick post with the observation of Grey Fox Spinners that were on Pine this past Friday.

What’s next? Would it be Green Drakes? That’ll get folks excited. Hopefully they have a better emergence than the March Browns this year.

Till we see each other again… UB

4 thoughts on “Probably too late, but…

    • Hey Debbie – (and Chip if he saw this too)! You’re quite welcome – I hope the fish go for them and you have a pattern that gets their attention. I’m back home now and helping move one of the kids. Should be returning to SR by end of week I think. Hope you guys are well. UB
      p.s. Hey – THANKS for leaving a comment. It’s nice to see that someone is seeing this stuff being posted!


  1. I love these kinds of bug pics. So assuming that’s a metric scale, aren’t the tails 20 to 25mm long? That would be almost an inch according to my traditional North Dakota math. That’s about what I would expect.


    • Hiya Darrell – the scale is in 1 mm increments.

        So I was incorrect in the post

      – that body is more like 10 mm (with head included), and the tails are definitely longer as are the wings I think. I have in the past taken a profile image and ‘cut & pasted’ wings and/or tails and laid them along the scale to check on size. Generally, and I’m just guessing here, those wings might be 12 -13 mm. And I’m thinking the tails are about 13 mm also. Thanks for commenting Darrell! UB


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