Just When I Thought Something Was Wrong…

Well, you might be suspecting something is up right – since I’m posting the day after the previous one right? Ok, yep – there is … something is up.

Wednesday late afternoon I saw some fish rising. I’ve been conditioned to not get too excited as this has happened before over the past several weeks. A few fish will rise and maybe 10 minutes later they’ll decided to rise again… or not. Well, I’m not exactly sure why, but I thought I’d go check it out with a fly rod this time. I could be fooled again – no matter what Roger Daltrey says.

Well, not this time I guess…

First fish – Brown Trout Club Special

Wow, I thought, I was able to spot a fish, cast to it and catch it. This operation has been somewhat suspect until this evening.

If one would take the time to closely inspect the images you can probably see that they are indeed different fish. More work than I want to do so I looked at the images timestamp signatures.

I think I heard that the BTC also put a few ‘large-ish’ Rainbows in also.

Not the best pictures taken of a nice fish as it was a slippery bugger! And, as it’s a Rainbow, it didn’t like being handled – even with a wetted hand. The girth of this fish (my hand is positioned rearward of where I normally like to control the fish when posing for pictures – try doing that with one hand on a phone/camera – pushing a button to take a picture and hold a slippery, not completely cooperative fish, at the same time)… the fight… I was surprised that it didn’t jump clear of the water several times. I could tell it was a Rainbow in the water as I was battling it. Even though this fish was probably put in Pine Creek earlier this year, it’s the best Rainbow I’ve caught in a long time. But, this wasn’t the last fish of the evening.

This was:

I think the picture will come through clipped off a little. I encourage you to click on this image and see it ‘full sized’. The mouth on this Brown… looked like it was a mature fish maybe.

This Brown ran line out a few times before I brought it to net. With this fish and the large Rainbow I was thinking about the tippet and knot that held the fly onto it. Thankfully it held as planned.

I almost didn’t go out fishing last evening. It had stated to drizzle rain as I was finishing up mowing toward the creek. I kept looking, longingly at it though. Eventually making the right decision.

Saw a decent emergence of Grey Fox last evening folks! The fish seemed to get the memo and were looking up. As a result, my fishing was ‘looking up’ too.

Till we see each other again… UB

4 thoughts on “Just When I Thought Something Was Wrong…

    • It is a beautiful place. The leaves have popped out now in the past week or so. The big creek has been getting a shot of rain that has been needed – in a timely fashion. It comes up a bit, then settles back down. I think it’s going to start to fish real well now, I just hadn’t seen it when the March Browns were here so sparingly. Anyway, thanks for commenting Mr. Kern! UB
      edit add: This was the first post where I did a batch processing on the pictures to scale them down for the website. So thanks for commenting on the pictures. I think it’s about the 2nd post using the new phone for all the images. – UB


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