The ‘Do…Point…Drop’, or the dew point drop?

Today – the dew point started to fall… drop. The air isn’t quite as sticky as it has been for the past many days. I managed to deal with a pressing issue at the cabin and take care of some SRS business earlier this week. It seemed to take up most of my time though so I wasn’t able to do any ‘on stream’ research until today.

I had forgotten my fly rod initially. Yep, turned around and came back to get it. All set .. right? Oh, then when I get situated I go for the ol’ dependable – the Slate Drake. Nope! None…. nada, negatory! Well, I wasn’t about to go back this time as I was ankle deep in 64 degree water. Ok, what DO I have? A size 16 Blue-Winged Olive.

My eyes are ‘going’. I told the Optometrist that I’m pretty sure I need to get a prescription this time as I couldn’t see a speck of dust at 45 feet anymore. Well, I haven’t filled that prescription yet. But I’ll make sure I have it for next trip back.

I had seen one fish rise and had made a cast in that general direction a few times but – of course I couldn’t see my fly. No splashes at the fly’s general location. So, I cast over in the ‘sweet spot’ general direction. I’m consistent if nothing else – I do not see my fly but I see a fish rise and I react. I hook up!

Up till this point I have not caught a Brown here this season. Plenty of Brookies and even some decent enough ones – but no Browns till now.

Walking down to the next suitable place to cast a line I saw this red-legged companion.

Have you ever been in the situation… where you peer down and can see a great spot but you are up so high perched along a stream-side that you question whether you should try to shoot a cast to the spot or work your way down to fish it in a more dignified manner? Well, that is what I was faced with – I chose to be undignified!

The undignified result:

While I’ve had fair success at my favorite haunt this year, I was pleasantly surprised by what transpired today. I was questioning the health of the place when I hadn’t caught a Brown there earlier this year. Maybe I can put that behind me now.

Looking Down Slate August 14, 2021.

Maybe I should forget my fly rod more often? Naaa… let’s not get all superstitious. I’m glad I got out and caught a few. There was one more that didn’t quite make it to hand. A decent enough of a Brookie – but it had decided to not get it’s picture taken and was having nothing to do with being massaged by my left hand.

The water temperature was 63.5 degrees. Cool water can be found, you just have to know where to look for it. But even when you do find suitable water temperatures, try to handle the fish with care as they are struggling to make a living during these hot summer days.

Reporting live from Slate Run…until we see each other again… UB

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