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Apparently Rich Kessler had a ‘witness’ along during his recent trip to Slate Run! Whenever I’ve had such company when I’ve been fishing there, the results have the unmistakable smell of a black and white mammal that I care NOT to run across – fishing or not!
However Rich’s buddy, Butch Loggins, has provided us more proof that they simply had a great Labor Day Weekend in Slate Run. Check out the proof below!


It was such a good weekend that Rich, his brother Steve, and Butch all joined SRS in the past few days! Welcome to Slate Run Sportsmen guys!!!!



These pictures come from new member Rich Kessler.


He just had a great Labor Day weekend in Slate Run and Pine Creek by the looks of the pictures he has sent us!

Nice job Rich and welcome to Slate Run Sportsmen!



SRS Member Dan Barr recently ‘re-joined’ our ranks and sent us some pictures I think you’ll find interesting! He resides further away from Slate Run than I do(and that’s saying something). Still, he cannot resist coming back here to enjoy everything that Slate Run has to offer. Completely understandable to those of us who recognize it’s value and love this place.

Anyone that fishes up Francis Branch will find that sign familiar. It’s been there as long as I’ve been coming to Slate Run.

Second picture is of a muddy paw print of a bear over along Long Run in the Kettle Creek Watershed.

Last but not least, the bear skull found along one of the headwaters of Slate Run. What a find Dan!

Thanks for the pictures and  ‘Welcome Back’ Dan!

… UB


Some pics taken of recent happenings in the greater Slate Run metropolitan area.


Nate  and A good fish (above).

Some Mayflies (below).LC1-Scaled-DSCF9936BWO1 ScaledScaled-Lt Cahill 2Scaled-BWO on Starrett ScaleScaled-Golden Stone

… and a giant stone!

Scaled Bow

An early June trip with fruitful results and evidence of Mayflies on Pine Creek.   …UB

Another nice outing on the Run today. Not as many fish but a nice day indeed!

I saw Jed Grove at the store in town. If you want to know what is happening on the runs, Jed is the guy to talk with. I don’t know how many years Jed has worked at the store, but if I don’t know what is happening on the stream, I talk with Jed as he fishes the Runs regularly and he knows his way around the Brown Trout Club Browns too!

Saw a couple old footers along Slate today. I’m sure I must have seen them before – but just  didn’t notice them I suppose. Remnants of the logging days perhaps.


Fished up Slate today and caught several nice Brookies. I didn’t see fish really rising but  fished dry and was surprised with catching at least a dozen from one of my favorite haunts.

Saw these two interesting fungi while I was out.

I walked upstream and stood awhile. I noticed several fish feeding on the surface. I ditched a jacket and returned to attempt impaling a ‘riser’ on the fly at the end of my  tippet. No fish would entertain the idea. However one of the mayflies I saw on the surface took a ride on my fly. I retrieved the fly and thus the mayfly shown. Mayflies, hatching the third week of October in Slate Run!

At the end of the day I tried one last spot or two. I actually got a Brown to take what I offered only to have the knot that attached the fly to my tippet – fall apart when I had the fish almost to net. Retying a fly to the tippet – this time very firmly – I cast up to the pool just up from where the Brown had laid. A nice Brookie took – and almost on que – it slipped off when I got it close to my feet. Fly firmly attached to  tippet… the fish just slipped off the smashed down barbed hook.

It was a great day fishing!


Three pictures sent to us from John Pastorek

Thanks for the pictures John!


SRS Member Hugh Wenger sent us these pictures proving that there is much beauty in the greater Slate Run area and it doesn’t have to always be a fish picture that is beautiful! Thanks for the pictures Hugh!

From Matt Huff – SRS member and resident(I think) of Missoula, Montana provides  us some pictures of his (and his friends’) experiences out in the ‘Big Sky’ state!

I think Matt might be the guy in the Penn State shirt. His buddy, Jeff, is holding the monster Bull Trout in the lower center field. Then there’s the nice rainbow to the  right…. I think that qualifies as a monster too!


It’s taken me a few days to get these posted but…. there are fish from ‘up the runs’! The ‘second dot’ on the flyrod – if I am remembering correctly, is 18″ (NOT my rod – but wish it was)!

A couple of offerings from last week (caught on the flies shown in the Tying Blog page).

After a little consultation, the fly below very well may not be a Hendrickson according to a fishing friend of mine – FYI.


These were from a couple of days ago. I think its a Hendrickson from Pine Creek and  Brown Trout club offering caught on a Hendrickson Emerger. Not the greatest pictures but you get the idea.

The following pictures from John Pastorek:

Some nice Brookies (and a Brown under the surface), I’m betting one of his best fishing buddies, and some timely scenes of the area.


A couple of Fly pictures – left a Green Drake from the greater Slate Run drainage I took a few years ago, and right the same species from Penns Creek taken by Gary Roberts – Thanks for the picture Gary!

2-15-2018: Pine Creek – Fish and Photo Credit Izzack Albright
Issac on Pine 2-15-18-IMG_4680

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